Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sissy maid afternoon

While we were driving home from our business meeting yesterday I told Paul that he would be my sissy maid for the afternoon. When we got home, I had him strip and laid out a dress and some panties that I had selected for him. he looked so funny I had to laugh, especially as it gave him a hard on as he shamefully put the clothes on. Then I had him hoover our hallway, kitchen and living room and clean the kitchen surfaces. when he had finished I had him report back to me and I inspected his work. Actually, he did a really good job! 

When he had completed his tasks I had him lick my boots and say thank you, something that always gives me a tingle!

Then it was into his chastity cage for him. We have a gym at home and Paul asked if he could be excused the chastity device while he was working out. I said no, he had to wear it anyway. It stayed on for the rest of the night.

That evening, after our kids had gone to bed, I had Paul strip naked and worship my bare feet for about an hour, on his knees with his CB swinging about. then he lay on the floor at my feet on his back and I used his face as a footrest while I watched some TV. This always makes his cock bulge in its little cage!

We went upstairs to bed and I had a wonderful orgasm using my new dildo, which is a double ended one. I had Paul suck one end while I used the other. I had a lovely orgasm, then turned my attention to Paul. I stroked his cock and tickled his balls while he moaned. 

Paul doesn't get to come very often and I enjoy teasing him and making him go to sleep with a hard on.

Once he was leaking nicely with his cock bobbing about, I kissed him and told him to get some sleep.

Another lovely day!We have a small business that you can look at if you like. Its recorded phone lines. with my voice describing some of the things we get up to. We just about break even on this so I'd like it if you went and had a look/listen. Thanks


  1. Zoe,

    You are living the life! Keep at it girl.


  2. I love your stories! I wish I had someone like you:)

  3. Oh yeah!! Gotta love wearing all those sexxxy clothes while i clean!! The chastity device is amazing!! I havent had mine removed in 7 months!! Been 7 months since ive cum!!

  4. Where did you go you have such a great site. Pam