Friday, 22 February 2013

Obedience training.

I do love to be waited on. I like to sit and watch TV and give Paul a long list of chores to do, then summon him to do things that I could easily do myself, like fetch me a drink before dismissing him back to his chores. 

I think I may get a little bell so I can tinkle it when ever I need him.

I am talking with a professional dominatrix based in London whose name is Goddess Cleo. She is going to join me in putting Paul in his place as a birthday treat. 

On her site, one of the activities is "obedience training". Funny how words can have such an effect. When I talk to Paul about obedience training he goes crimson. For me they give me a tingle. I am thinking that I should write about this and make it a recording for my website

Have you experienced obedience training? what did it entail. Or if you are a domme, how do you conduct obedience training?



  1. It sounds as though Paul is going to have a wonderful birthday!

    My experience of obedience training involves doing taks with the minimum of instruction. So to begin with my Domme would tell me her expectations of me when she says a certain word. For example "punishment" might mean setting up the room, changing into my punishment outfit, and waiting in a certain position until she is ready.
    Another example is to worship her feet when she clicks her fingers.

    I hope you both have fun with it.

  2. Thanks Slave Knickers

    I like the finger clicking thing!