Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tickle torture

My subby hubby hates being tickled. Unlucky for him because I like watching him squirm around desperately while I mercilessly tickle him, focusing on all of his most sensitive areas of course. I find it ideal as a both a deterrent and as a punishment or torture. It does not have to be just tightly bound rib tickling torture, sometimes I have him sit with me on the sofa with his bare feet on my lap and gently scratch my fingernails up and down his bare soles. He is not allowed to move his body or feet or make any sounds while I do this to him. Great fun watching him grit his teeth...

Its also something I love to do when I tie him to our bed. We have to discretely hidden hooks behind the headboard that the fixings on his leather cuffs clip onto and stretch his arms out to the max. I use rope to tie his ankles (he likes them tied very tight) and then I can sit on the bed, and take my time to drag my fingernails up his sides and over his belly. It does make me laugh, his instant erection and the way his cock bobs about and leaks precum while I do this to him. He squirms and writhes as much as he can, being all tied up but I know that he loves it really. 

I love to play with him this way. I can smell the submissive pheromones pumping out of his skin. I'm serious, he actually smells different, I can smell his submissiveness. 

And yes I do lightly stroke his swollen, straining, desperate-for-a-touch member. But with extremely light fingernail scratches up and down his shaft. Or I might give him a few pumps with one hand while tickling his shaved balls with the other.

He really reacts when I slowly work my way down to the poor vulnerable bare soles of his feet though. He really hates having his feet tickled (I think he enjoys the discomfort actually!) and really squirms and moans when I scratch my nails up and down his soles.

Often I will leave him tied up for an hour or so while I check e mail and go about my business. When I go back to him 45 minutes later, he is usually still erect with a pool of pre-cum on his belly.

Naturally, I wipe this up with my hand, remove his ball gag and feed it to him.

He counts himself very lucky. So he should.

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