Friday, 8 February 2013

Very first post on my very first blog!

Hello! This is my first post. We are a real life couple, living near London in the UK.

I hope that you enjoy this blog. Its here to talk about our lives and discuss some of the stuff that we can't normally talk about, except with some very close and open minded friends.

We hope that you will drop us a line or leave comments.

I'm Zoe and my husband is Paul. At least, that's our names for the purposes of sharing stuff on this blog!

We have a strong dynamic in our relationship, a power exchange, if you will. some people call it a a Female Led Relationship, I've seen it called Loving Authority, Female Domination, Mistress/slave BDSM or just plain old Femdom.

What ever name you give it is not really the point. The fact of the matter is that we both love it when Paul is my man-slave and I am his demanding Goddess or Mistress.

We have been married for 13 years and the dynamic has been present for all of them. Over the last few years though we have both become more comfortable with our roles.

So how does this manifest itself in our real lives? Well, the reason this blog is called Real life femdom is because that's what we have. Its not dungeons and a strutting thigh booted dominatrix. Its something much more real. 

For instance.

I keep Paul in full time chastity. This means that he wears a locked chastity cage, when ever he is away from me. Its a constant reminder for him and I love holding the key.

Paul does a great deal of housework. We are lucky that we both work from home. Pauls chores are done naked (except for his CB) or in an outfit of my choosing. He scrubs, hoovers, cleans, folds and tidies.

When his chores are done, I have Paul lick my boots or kiss my toes and thank me for assigning him things to do.

I could go on, but hopefully for my first blog post, this should give you an idea.

I shall write some more over the next few weeks. Your repectful feedback is welcome. 


  1. Hello Zoe,

    I like the start of your blog. I hope you keep posting. When and where did you and Paul meet? Did either of you approach the subject of chastity or FLR first or was it a mutual discovery?

    Play on...


  2. Hi Shades

    Paul and I met in a small bar/cafe under completely regular circumstances. Paul introduced the idea of FLR and chastity into our relationship in the first instance and then we have been exploring the ideas together from there.

    How about you? Whats your story?


  3. Hello Zoe, thank you for blogging your experiences. Like you my wife and I are a UK based couple although I think we are newer to the lifestyle than you. My wife keeps me in a cb6000s and is becoming more comfortable with it as she is with femdom as a whole. My submission to her has certainly brought us even closer together than before and she likes it when I have been denied for a long time (weeks and even months rather than days!). I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and sharing your writings with my wife. Sam

  4. Hi Sam

    Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it. I'm delighted to hear that you have managed to integrate femdom and chastity into your relationship. It does take some great communication skills and I agree it does pull you both close together. It's great that you like the blog, so thanks for that and good luck with developing your femdom connection with your wife.

  5. I'm a single male (62 y.o) still...energetic, single after two marriages and still(not)looking for the...Mistress of my life!
    You two are very very lucky guys, you know what i mean.
    After all these years i'm sure now(it's too late) it's only one in a million chance for a man to find the Woman of his dreams (the Mistress).Sorry but that's the reality. Maybe in the US or even in UK things are more easy but in my country (Greece) this is what it is!
    Thank you for your hospitality and be always happy !

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  7. Hello Zoe, I just wanted to reach out and thank you. I know this post of yours is almost a year old. However, I'm glad to have found your blog because it helped me figure out who I really am and how to meet my wife expectations. Its so relieving to know there are other couples like us and that it's not "weird". You've inspired me to start my own blog to track our new path, give advice, and get advice. I mentioned you in my first post. If you have time, can you read it and give us any advice? Thanks and take care!

  8. Hi Zoe
    Good start to a new blog!
    I have just started a blog too, I should have done it before, it's fun.
    Good luck getting lots of visitors.

  9. You need to add some more stories to your blog!

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