Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Well, its been a while. The summer is incredibly busy for us, our business needed a whole lot of attention, we had family from overseas visiting us for weeks on end, the kids are off school etc etc.

Sometimes it is hard to keep the momentum. Which is why the chastity device is so incredibly useful. Several times through the summer break Paul had begged me to be allowed out. I do love begging. It makes me hot. 

Paul came to me and said, could we please talk about the CB. It was giving him problems with irritation of the skin and soreness. I am a reasonable woman and said of course we can talk about it. When ever we do discuss this sort of thing though, I always like to sit on our sofa and have Paul strip and kneel in front of me. I make sure my feet are nice and bare and cross my legs so that my extended foot is in and around his face. I feel this is the right position for us to discuss our dynamic. While he makes his case I play with his face with my toes.

On this occasion, Paul asked if he could be released for a few days because the skin where the main ring goes was sore, and with the long drives and hot weather it was extremely uncomfortable for him, especially in the car.  We have to make some long journeys for business in the summer and it was this that was causing him the discomfort.

I listened carefully to him. I said to him that I did not think he was that desperate to be released. He repeated that he was desperate. I said that if he were desperate then he would be begging, and that he should beg to show his sincerity and also to please me as I liked seeing him begging at my feet.  I said that I would think about it while he begged.

So he dutifully took my foot in his hand, covered it in kisses while mumbling please Miss may I be released, please (kiss kiss) please. I told him how lovely it was, stroked his head a bit and let him beg and grovel for a few minutes.

Then I took a handful of his hair in my hand and twisted his face up and brought my face close to his. I said that I had thought about it, and the answer No he may not be released. He could have 20 minutes with it off in a supervised shower to make sure he and the device was clean and to apply some healing creme and then it goes back on.

While he was there, on his knees at my feet, I thought this was the ideal moment to tell him that from now on, all of the housework and laundry was something that he should be taking care of. He already does all the yardwork and gardening and of course I set him chores around the house. But we have shared the day to day housework and the laundry and ironing. From now on though, he was to do it all. I was not going to designate any chores anymore, because he was going to do it all. Of course I can still tell him things I want doing especially.

You see being a slave is not all bells and whistles. Its a lot of ironing, mopping, hoovering and loading and unloading of washing machines. Just because you are good at kissing feet and arse does not make you a good submissive. 

I told him that any reluctance or complaints would be met with swift and harsh punishment that he would absolutely not enjoy. Not like the erotic spankings I give him several times a week. (When we don't have visitors or kids around that is!)

Whats the point of having a slave if you are doing the work yourself?