Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tease and deny

One of My favorite things...tease, deny, tease, deny, tease some more, have him kiss My toes and beg me for release....then deny, followed by a little CBT with the Ralgex and then pop him back into his CB for the rest of the evening while he finishes his chores... Such a delight....


  1. I feel like I have "orgasm denial" angst. I simultaneously crave that release but also want her to tease and deny more. It's like I am on an extended foreplay session. She likes how much I crave her and court her. I believe that my "record" is 26 days (and she really did some hardcore teasing during that time), but she was targeting a full month. I haven't been in her pussy in over a month, but she's given my a couple of handjobs. I kind of want her to keep it going, but I am so freaking horny I want to come. Angst!

    Not only that, but it is so hot when she takes charge and decides that I am not going to come. I feel so delishisly submissive when she will stop the teasing and say something very final like, "ok, time for bed", or "this has made me hot and I want to orgasm now". I prefer to measure my denial periods in terms of how many orgasms she's had compared to me. The lopsided-ness or "double standard" as I like to call it is a big turn on. Our long term average is more than 4 for her but we have had periods where it is over 10.

    What is the Ralgex? We're both fans of CBT.

  2. Hi Lovestosubmit.

    Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it when people comment on my posts.

    I have spoken with Paul about what you say and he says he feels the same way. Here's Paul:

    "I know exactly what you mean. I'm the same in that I am desperate for an orgasm and yet I cant figure out which I love more, being allowed to come or being told No, you have to wait. i know that when I'm not allowed to come I feel aroused pretty much all the time and my submissive feelings are very strong indeed, which feels awesome"

    Paul's "record" is just over a month. But we do have penetrative sex in that time, however he is not allowed to release. When I have had enough, I tell him to pull out and get down to the end of the bed and kiss my feet instead. Paul is very disciplined like that and has no problem being obedient.

    Ralgex is a deep heat creme, its a brand in the UK.

    Thanks again for your comment and all the best

    Zoe x

    1. My wife will on occassion tell me that I can penetrate her but she'll specifically tell me not to come. I get deep into "subspace" because me overwhelming desire is to satisfy this request, to avoid my own orgasm so I avoid my own pleasure as much as possible. when I am denied orgasm for some time, my endurance is bad, but it is 'fun' to spend all my energy focusing on not coming. She will also verbally tease me by saying how proud she is of me for having self-control.

      Then there have been times when I will stop penetrating her to get something (lube, a paddle), and when I come back she won't let me back in.

      Probably the most erotic thing she has done is she woke me up (she seems to like to wake me up!), got me hard, rode me to an orgasm (woman on top is the only way she can come via intercourse) and then told me she didn't want me to come and "good luck getting back to sleep". So dominant! I felt like a human dildo!