Sunday, 10 February 2013

True tease and denial.

This is a little story that I wrote for a forum called Informed Consent, which is, sadly, closing down. I also used this as a script for my little website where I recorded myself reading it out. It's called "True tease and denial" and describes the type of thing that I love doing with Paul.

I hope you enjoy it and we both would love to see your comments.

True Tease and Denial.

 Of course the best way to make sure my subby hubby is properly teased is by tying him to our bed, removing his CB and working on his cock myself to take him to the edge as many times as I feel necessary before stopping and finding some other fun thing to do him like tickling him mercilessly until he can hardly breath or working my fingernails on the soles of his feet or making him lick the precum from my hands.

 Or I might just leave him there while I go about other business like taking phone calls or working in my home office. But this can be quite labour intensive for me so I like to have him tease himself sometimes. 

He hardly ever gets to touch his cock as he is always tied or handcuffed when the CB comes of for a TD session. But now and again I like to have him take himself right to the edge a few times in front of me. I have him strip and lie on the wooden floor by our sofa. 

Usually I have him wear something "pretty" like a pair of my stockings for this and always some clothes pegs on his nipples. I remove his CB and tell him to hold his cock. I sit on the sofa, remove my shoes and dangle my bare feet over and on his face. Then, when I tell him to and not before, he is allowed to wank. He is under strict orders to tell me when he is starting to get close. Once when I had him do this he failed to let me know he was close and had an unauthorised orgasm. I made his life a living hell for months after and he is very motivated to avoid this again. 

 I will have him take himself really close up to six times. I can tell how close he is getting because his balls swell and he oozes pre cum, together with the writhing. He is not allowed to ask or beg for release unless given permission so poor hubby just has to grit his teeth. When he tells me he is close I order him to remove his hands. He gets to lick my soles, something he does with frantic passion. I use my other foot to tease his swollen cock and balls. Usually I am so hot myself by this time that I have him kneel up with his head between my legs and take me to a wonderful, shattering orgasm. After I have come I have him kiss my toes and beg me for release while I compose myself again and bask in the glow. 

I love to hear and feel him grovelling and begging my feet for permission to come. Sometimes he cries. I almost feel sorry for him but he responds so well to strict treatment and a firm hand and behaves so attentively to me in the following days and weeks that to be lenient with him would do us both a dis-service. 

 Sometimes I will allow him one free minute. If he can come in that time, well fair enough. The only thing is he has to use only the middle finger of his left hand and has to wank like a girl; small light circles over the head of his cock.

 This is hysterical to watch, with him lying there in his stockings, covered in pre cum and sweat, wanking furiously with just one finger with his wrong arm. I will place both my bare feet firmly on his face and carefully count down from 60 making sure he gets one minute and not a second more. I don't let him have this privilege too often though as I don't want him to find a knack of making himself come like this too easily.

 When he has ejaculated using the "one finger wank" method he has confided later that it was still a very unsatisfying orgasm compared to when I grip his cock hard and allow him to come on his monthly release. Usually his minute runs out without him having a squirt. Then if his erection has not subsided after half an hour I put an ice pack on his "manhood" - a word that always brings a smile to my face- before popping him back in his CB. Then he spends the rest of the evening at my disposal, finishing his never ending list of chores or providing me with a human footstool while I watch TV or read or talk to girlfriends on the phone. Any obvious signs of displeasure on his part or whinging results in him having his swollen balls covered in Ralgex so usually he is quiet like a little mouse!


  1. Love that "one finger wank".....great idea!


  2. Thanks for your comment. Glad that you liked the story!

  3. That was so wonderful! My wife and I often indulge in female domination and she truly has come to love to take advantage of my very strong foot fetish. I give her very long foot massages and, if I've done a satisfactory job, she will use my face as a foot rest. What drives me particularly crazy is when she squeezes my nose between her toes and then teases and makes fun of me for how pathetic I look with my silly nose between her toes. Sometimes she'll let me rub on a pillow and squirt (after I beg sufficiently) while she mashes my face with her feet and squeezes my nose with her toes.
    Your idea about the one handed-girlish masturbation is very exciting. Maybe I'll tell her about it but I'm a little afraid.
    You have a great site here.


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  5. I'm a guy and I love powerful women. Women have such better self control of their sexual desire compared to men. It makes men look so weak. Well, men ARE weak! If men are honest with themselves, we admit that we are inferior to women.

  6. Penny is in the mood for a massage from her little subby boy, Sam, but not in the mood for the boner he'll certainly get from rubbing down Mistress' naked body from head to toe. She flicks and smacks his cock mercilessly until he is soft enough for her to lock him up in a chastity cage. Once he is caged she decides she doesn't even want to see the little business between his legs so she makes him wear her pink polkadot panties before he can start the massage. Once he is caged and sissified Sam is finally allowed the privilege of oiling down Mistress' breasts, ass and pussy. Miss Penny C4S

  7. My boyfriend is the horniest boy I've ever known. He always wants to cum. His mom told me she used to catch him jackin it all the time. Every time she would place a frozen gel bag on his area 'til it went down... or he reached release in spite of his freezing balls. Now whenever we go out I try my best to keep his cock up and ready. After a long night of flirting we like to find a place to park where I let him eat me to climax. Then I pull his pants down and watch his erection throb. He begs me to touch it and sometimes I do. I really have to be careful. The last time I yanked his briefs down his hardone slapped up against his stomach and it leaked profusely. When I pulled his briefs up the pressure of the material caused him to erupt. We went to his house where I made him show his mom what a mess he had made. She put his briefs in the wash and we put him on the kitchen island to wash his messy area. As we patted his area dry with a warm towel he became throbbingly erect. She placed a frozen ice bag on his unit and plugged his ahole with a cold stainless steel plug. His erectone slowly subsided as his mom and I laughed heartily. He is such a beggar.