Sunday, 28 April 2013

Domestic servant

Yesterday was fun. We had some friends coming over today and so to make sure our house was presentable, I had Paul engaged in a major cleaning session, dressed of course in his beautiful maids outfit. I had drawn up a list for him, to clean the bathroom completely, mop the floor and hoover the whole downstairs. There was a couple of hours work for him there.

I told him to strip, put on his beautiful outfit and kneel down and kiss my toes while I read out the items on the list. I asked him if he understood what he was being told to do and he mumbled that yes mistress, he did. I had him stand up, laughed at the ridiculousness of his outfit and then immediately told him how cute he looked. A quick fondle of his caged balls (obviously I would not leave him unattended without his chastity cage on) and a few hard slaps on his ass and he was off scrubbing the bathroom while I went to the gym.

Now this is my idea of femdom!


  1. Hello Ma'am, I just found your blog and it feels honest. Thank you for all the effort and the privilege of reading about your lifestyle. Your last post says it all, and it is exactly how it should be. With respect and a deep curtsy, pantymaid

  2. Thank you pantymaid. Nice to hear from you! x

  3. How lovely, a clean house, a happy sub and a contented Mistress, sounds wonderful Miss Zoe. This sort of thing happens to me quite frequently too.