Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tickling his balls

Paul has been kept in his chastity device for several days, and one night now. What I really like about these chastity devices is the ring around his balls pushes them out from his body and makes them looked full, tight and squeezed!

I have always preferred men who were not very hairy and so Paul has to shave his cock and balls completely clean, this just adds to the look of them popping out in front of him. And after only a week of chastity, teasing and denial they really do turn a shade of blue! Especially when I do things to deliberately make his cock try to get hard. Then he really does have blue balls. Its fun to see.

I particularly like this because instead of having a big scene, this type of fun can be done anytime when we are both working form home and the kids are away at school. I will call to him and, if I am feeling particularly wicked I will tell him to go and fetch our ultra realistic dildo. 

Some things Paul loves, like footworship, for instance and being my little maid. But the realistic dildo he hates. I, however, love thinking about him sucking cock so I will have him bring it from our stash of toys upstairs, bring it down to me where I am sitting at the computer and stand by my side. Then I will have him open up and pop the huge rubber cock in his mouth and put his hands on his head. I like to see that the cock is as far in his mouth as it will go. Preferably the balls of the rubber cock should be on his face but its so huge they just wobble about in front of his face.

Then I will undo his belt and push his trousers and panties down to his ankles, exposing his locked up cock and tight bluish balls. I tell him that he is to be still, keep his hands on his head, he must not move and he must be quiet. 

Then while I am working at my desk on the computer, I stop every once in a while and drag my fingernails up and down his upper thighs and over his bursting balls. I tickle them super lightly, gently stroking his balls with my fingertips and fingernails and revel in watching him shudder and struggle not to move. When I get a muffled moan from him I say wicked things to him like, if you don't keep quiet I will add another week to your chastity, or I will just say to him, keep still. 

His cock looks so funny as it desperately tries to get hard. The skin of it squishes through the bars and goes a deep dark shade of red and his balls go blue. 

I like this type of scene because it seems to have a massive impact on him, and all I have to do is just run a few fingers lightly over his caged balls.

I might keep him like this for 10 or 15 minutes or I may have him there for an hour. In the end the cock makes him drool! His own cock starts to drool too,  and a steady stream of pre-cum make a mess on the floor in front of him. That's easily fixed though, we just remove the rubber cock from his mouth and have him kneel down and lick it up.

When I'm all done with him, I will send him off to clean the kitchen or get back to his chores, safe in the knowledge that he can't play with his cock.

Tickling can be a very effective tool indeed.

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  1. Wow, that certainly sounds more fun than a typical day at the office : ) working from home certainly has its advantages. Chastiity is such an intense form of control, in that as you point out Miss Zoe, you only need to do very small things to have a huge effect. How lovely, and I love the idea of having a realistic cock as a gag, wonderful!

  2. Sounds like a great tease session. I will have to show this post to Miss Jessica, she is always looking for new ways to keep me frustrated.

  3. Hi Miss Zoe, hope everything is OK, I miss reading your blog and hope you'll be back soon.

  4. Hi Miss Zoe,

    I am glad you start discovering the advantages of longer chastity. Just keep your hubby under a strict regim, day and night unrehearsely. You will find out that the bluish texture of his balls is only the beginning of a long list of things you will highly appreciate and love. I bet that after 3 or 4 weeks he will not only cease hating the strap-on dildo, but will crave for it! Just be patient, do not give up and keep yourself motivated that there is more to come with this lifestyle. Much-much more. Take care.


    1. So much great feedback!

  5. Wow, that was very hot reading about his predicament. Such torment, and teasing to go along with it. Many men would be super jealous of Paul. I am one of them.

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  7. Like you my Wife has kept me locked in fulltime chastity the past 6 years and six yours building up to it before that. One thing she did that is a very frustrating tease and motivator to me is to addict my penis to the feel of anything soft Angora. by lightly stroking it as foreplay. She did it regularly as foreplay for about four months all the time every time she would unlock me.
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    Those four months were like heaven for my small penis and it now tries to erect whenever she wears anything Angora. It craves to be able to feel it. As if that was frustrating enough she now only unlocks me about once a month so my small penis ejaculates very quickly.
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    Male chastity makes a slave out of all men with less than 6".

  8. It was such a nice day that we took her outside and then made her just stand there dying to pee, wiggling her legs and pee dancing around.
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