Monday, 25 February 2013

Spanked and wanked

So here is another script that I used for my website.  If you would like to hear me read it out to you Then do have a look and listen.

Again this is all based on real interaction between the two of us in our marriage, and co-penned by the two of us. I hope that you enjoy it, and as always, your comments and feedback means a lot to me, so do let me know what you think.

Spanked and wanked.

Ah, pain and pleasure, what a heady mix. 

I just love it, particularly the pain part and of course giving it, to my subby hubby. Although I keep him chaste for weeks on end, as a rule he does get to come once a month. But he gets to come my way and my way only. I have lots of ways that I like to make him come on his special day and this is one of my favourites Because one of my favourite games is called Spanked and Wanked. 

It's such a simple game and yet so very effective. You see with his teasing and denial regime that I subject him to; he is kept constantly desperate for an orgasm and will do virtually anything to get the chance to come. And I just love to hurt, as you know, it makes me so hot and so I devised this little game.

 I make him stand in front of my long bedroom mirror; feet shoulder width apart, naked of course and with his hands on his head. His hands have to remain on his head all the way through this game no matter what or he immediately loses any chance of coming that month. 

So there he is, naked, his cock bobbing about obscenely in front of him, hands on his head facing the mirror and looking shame faced at his reflection. And there I am in my tight leather jeans and white shirt and bare feet. I stand to his side and start by raking my long red painted finger nails up and down his sensitive sides, over his ass and over his cock and his shaved balls. He squirms and fights to keep his hands on his head. I take a firm hold of his cock in one hand and start to give him some lovely slow, deep strokes. With my other hand I gently caress his ass and drag my fingernails over his cheeks. Then as I pump his cock slightly faster with one hand I smack his ass just as hard as I can with the other. Then I stop pumping and just hold his cock at the base and give him six hard slaps on each cheek with the other hand. See, spanked and wanked. 

He squirms as I increase the intensity of the spanking and his body writhes, desperate to keep his hands on his head. Then I stop spanking him for a while and work his cock some more. All the time I am whispering in his ear terrible things, telling him how I own him, how he belongs to me and me alone. Telling him that he will do anything for me, he will lick my boots clean and crawl for me, be my footstool, and that I know just how much he loves it and craves this harsh treatment. Then I will stop again and hold his cock at the base and thrash his backside some more, watching his ass go from milky white to red, to purple and darker. Really I want to see him cry. 

After I have thrashed his ass for a while we go back to wanking him, I make him look at himself in the mirror while I tell him that he is my bitch, my slave and that next time I have my girlfriends over that I am going to make him serve us all as a house boy. I describe to him how I shall tell them that we had a bet and that he lost and the penalty was a couple of hour's slavery for me and the girls. Then I combine the stimulation, spanking him with one hand and wanking him with the other hand, whispering in his ear, describing to him how I will have him naked just with his frilly apron and his chastity belt on, fetching drinks, dancing for our amusement and of course spending lots of time on his hands and knees cleaning my girlfriend's high heeled shoes and feet with his tongue. It doesn't take very long at all before his breathing quickens and I feel his cock in my hand start to swell because he has reached the edge of his orgasm. That's when I stop completely and wait for a moment to watch him squirm in frustration, his cock bobbing wildly in front of him desperate for any kind of contact. 

He struggles to keep his hands on his heading knowing that my threat of denying him completely for another long month is very real. His hands wrap themselves around the back of his head and his elbows come together in front of his face. I let him get away with this and wait until the desperate urge to come has receded slightly. Get his arms back up, bitch, I say, and stand up straight. I walk over to my dresser while he stands there looking at the sorry sight in front of him. I open my drawer and take out the ping pong bat. Some people spend fortunes on corporal punishment equipment, I like to keep it simple yet very effective and a ping pong bat does a terrific job when my hand starts to hurt from thrashing him. I walk back over to him and start again, raking my fingers over his back and ass, delighting in his squirming. With one hand I take hold of his cock at the base and with the other I bring the bat down hard on his ass cheeks, one after another, relentlessly smacking his ass as hard as I can. He desperately tries to keep position with his hands still in contact with his head and now he is crying out, on the verge of tears. After ten hard slaps on each cheek I stop again and start to pump him some more.

 Its not enough for me to work on his physical body and his sex drive, its his mind I'm after as I whisper in his ear how he will be such a good slave to me and my girlfriends while wanking him and slapping his ass with the bat. I feel him starting to get close and so now I will make him beg. Beg me, bitch, I say and he does, sobbing, he pleads and begs with me to come as I make him look in the mirror at himself pleading away. I tell him, come NOW and he does, shooting his thick load all over the mirror, a load which has been building up all month, his body shuddering and his legs giving way as he collapses on the floor at my feet. I walk over to his head as he lies there on the floor, place my bare foot over his face, bend over and looking down at him I say, who's the boss, slave? His pathetic mumbling in to the sole of my foot says “You mistress, you're the boss” Well I have a treat for you, slave, get up on his knees, crawl over here and lick up your mess up from the mirror. And like a good, well trained slave, he does, licking up his mess and looking at himself in the mirror as he does so.


  1. Absolutely fiendish!!

    My domme does something similar. She will simultaneously stroke my cock and slap my balls, but she slaps my nuts harder and harder. I find myself wanting to come not from the pleasure of the orgasm but from relief from pain. It's an interesting dynamic, to say the least. I also love the verbal teasing. She will taunt me that I had better come because she is just going to keep increasing the intensity of the pain. Very hot for her to dominate me like that!

    I would very much like to try this game. I love it when dommes are creative =S

    I have served my wife's friends, but it was more of a "he likes/is good at bartending" kind of a thing. Once I was locked in my chastity device, served them pre-dinner cocktails and then she went out with her friends at a "divorce party" and I put the kids to bed and did all the housework. Very erotic for me to serve like that. I wouldn't mind doing it naked, but I think I would feel more comfortable than my Queen or her friends.

    I know and can appreciate why I as a sub I enjoy the pain. But I don't feel like I really understand what makes the domme like giving pain. My wife truly enjoys it, so it's a good match :). However, I don't always feel like I understand what turns her on about it. She usually says that she likes the control. I am reasonably muscular and that aspect of it turns me on... that I am so much stronger than her physically but yet she has the power over me (usually by grabbing or swatting my balls). She can make me whimper and she can decide the pain or pleasure she gives me, when it's only pleasure for her. She has also said she likes the noises I make when she torments me. It definitely does turn her on, she usually asks for an orgasm after a session.

    Speaking of that, if your slave comes once a month, how many times do you force him to pleasure you? The "double standard" is something that really turns me on with our dynamic. Our long term average is she gets more than 4 orgasms per every one I get, but we have gone to over 10 on several occasions. For orgasm denial to be exciting to me, I *need* to be both teased and to see her being pleasured. Otherwise, I tend to get grumpy or depressed. Subs can be needy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Loveto

    Thanks for your comment.

    I have Paul pleasure me when ever I feel like it. I will have him go down on me, or have him inside me several times a week. If he is allowed inside me, he is still not allowed to come and is very good at controlling himself in this way. He knows that he will be harshly punished if he does come without permission and that may not take the form of anything that he enjoys!

    Like you, He enjoys the deprivation, that's the truth of it.

    Zoe x

  3. I just started to read your posts. I could not reach your website. But I can say that I never read something like this before. The stories are amazing.

    I read on comments that you have a book, please let me know how can I get it.