Monday, 29 April 2013

Writing my book.

Today I have started writing my book. it is my take on all things femdom, how Paul and I relate in this way together, the things we enjoy and the struggles and the fun we have had incorporating it into our daily lives.

Your feedback is going to help shape this book, so please, dear reader, let me know what you would like to see written. I have a lot of ideas that I would like to share and this is your opportunity to let me know if there's something you would enjoy reading.

Paul is here, naked at my feet and kissing my toes as I write! 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Domestic servant

Yesterday was fun. We had some friends coming over today and so to make sure our house was presentable, I had Paul engaged in a major cleaning session, dressed of course in his beautiful maids outfit. I had drawn up a list for him, to clean the bathroom completely, mop the floor and hoover the whole downstairs. There was a couple of hours work for him there.

I told him to strip, put on his beautiful outfit and kneel down and kiss my toes while I read out the items on the list. I asked him if he understood what he was being told to do and he mumbled that yes mistress, he did. I had him stand up, laughed at the ridiculousness of his outfit and then immediately told him how cute he looked. A quick fondle of his caged balls (obviously I would not leave him unattended without his chastity cage on) and a few hard slaps on his ass and he was off scrubbing the bathroom while I went to the gym.

Now this is my idea of femdom!

Friday, 26 April 2013

I need your feedback please.

I am thinking of writing a book.

It could be a book of short stories, similar or including some of the writings that you have seen on this blog.

It could be a "how to" guide for femdom couples.

If I were to write a book, what would you like to see, and how much would you be comfortable paying for it?

All feedback is very welcome!

Femdom marriage ceremony

We have been married a long time, coming up to 13 years. I would have loved to have had femdom elements in our ceremony. On our wedding night I did give Paul a hard spanking and had him worship my feet as well as my realistic strap on, but I would have loved to have some femdom elements at the ceremony itself. Its something I would love to see.

For instance, how about instead of the bride being "given away" by someone, why not the groom? Wouldn't it be great to have the groom given away by a trusted female friend! And in the vows, I would like to hear the traditional values of "honoring and obeying" uttered by the groom only.

Of course under his special wedding suit he could be wearing all kinds of things, from just a simple chastity device to having full frilly underwear.

And wouldn't it be lovely at the moment where the person conducting the ceremony (obviously this would be a woman!) says that you may now kiss the bride, that the bride lifts up her wedding dress just enough to expose her pretty painted toes, and as a sign of true love, adoration and devotion, the groom kneels down and kisses each lovely toe in turn in front of the whole congregation.

Perhaps we will have to arrange a renewal of vows......

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Poppy gets fucked....

After Poppy's nipple torture and humiliating dancing session we had him once again clear the table and get some snacks. We had run out of wine and so we said to Poppy to go to the shop and buy a couple of bottles of nice wine for us. 

We decided that it would be fun, but far too horrifying for the general public to see him dressed as he was, but at the same time he should keep his clothes, including his collar on. So we had him put a pair of sport trousers on and a New York hoody on over his lovely frock. The collar was visible but you couldn't that he was wearing a sailors dress underneath, although if you looked closely you would have seen his skirts bunching up under his clothes.

When he returned we had him strip off again and pour us more drinks and get some dips for us. 

We had him once again at our feet while we decided what to do with him next.

Goddess and I whispered together and then had him crawl to the other side of the room where our leather footstool was. We had him bend over this, with his ass in the air. Goddess once again pulled his panties down to his ankles, just to maximise the humiliation for him and raised up his skirt. For the next ten minutes or so, we gave him his second hard bare hand spanking, with one of us on each cheek. Again we both stopped to tickle his exposed skin every once in a while and he was wriggling so much he nearly fell off the footstool. Especially when we scratched his bare feet with our fingernails. Goddess also had two electric toothbrushes which we had fun with, poking him with them and dragging them up and down his most sensitive areas. He was leaking extensively by this point...

Once his ass was nicely red again, Goddess Cleo got out her cane.

She started to apply the cane quite gently at first. Even at this fairly light level Paul was starting to squirm and when she upped the intensity you could see he was struggling to take it. She then gave him a few proper hard whacks with the cane, enough to leave clear marks on his bare ass. She said that she wanted to leave at least a few marks as a souvenir for him. She was exactly right because days later he was still looking in the mirror, with pride and fond memories, at the cane marks on his ass.   

After the beating Goddess used a scarf to blindfold him, and got out her strap-on. it was a fairly small strap on because she knew that he had not experienced anything like this before. she put on some gloves, got some lube, lubed up his red exposed ass and started to finger his man-hole. Poppy squirmed!

She then put a condom on over her dildo and proceeded to fuck Poppy for the next few minutes, slapping his ass and saying to him how much he loved it, and calling him a bitch.

She fucked him very hard, and stopped to ask him how he felt. again, Poppy was in such deep sub-space that the mumblings that came out of his mouth were completely unintelligible. His semi hard cock told the whole story though. He loved it.

After Goddess had finished fucking Poppy in the ass, we had him lay at our feet and she used his face as a foot rest while I played with his cock with my feet.

In all it was a terrific evening. We both enjoyed the experience of having Goddess Cleo stay with us for the day and evening so much that we booked another session for November within the next few days. We are trying to work out how we can hire her services before then for a day!

That's pretty much the whole story of our evening!

Please visit my website, if you would like to hear my voice there are some home made phone lines with recordings on them.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

More pain for Poppy

So Paul, now renamed Poppy, had had a fairly easy time of things, in my opinion so far. He had enjoyed lots of foot worship which I know he loves, had a hard spanking which he had also clearly enjoyed and really the only thing that wasn't going his way was being dressed up in silly shame clothing and forced to dance. He hates cross dressing and has told me it does nothing for him. Although I'm not sure what woman would actually wear what he was wearing, which is why it was more shame clothing than actual cross dressing. I thought he looked quite cute!

So I asked Goddess Cleo if we could up Poppy's pain levels and she was very happy to get out the Japanese clover clamps. He had Poppy shuffle forward on his knees and applied one clamp to his right nipple while I applied the one on the left.

Poppy gritted his teeth and sucked in some air and his head went back. It was just for a moment though, then he seemed reasonably comfortable with them. Until Goddess grabbed hold of the chain and dragged him to the floor with it, forcing his head to her feet. That made him cry out in pain. But it was nothing compared to what was to come.

We left the clamps on for about 20 minutes while Poppy once again ran errands for us, clearing the table and pouring wine and giving us foot massages while we chatted. Then it was time to take the clamps off.

Goddess Cleo carefully removed the right one, then the left. Having them removed was clearly a painful experience. Paul is not really what you would call a pain slut as such and I knew that this was way beyond the pain levels that he was used to or comfortable with. Then Goddess had him kneeling, facing her and she started to squeeze his now swollen right nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Poppy absolutely howled! Then she told him to keep still and had him look her in the eye. She extended her forefinger and jabbed it hard, right into his chest, directly on the swollen nipple.  

Poppy threw his head back and absolutely howled. It was obviously complete agony for him! But Goddess was having none of it and made him hold the position and keep still. she asked him if he were ready to have similar treatment to the other nipple. He nodded and she squeezed the other nipple hard but did not jab it like the first one. Again, Poppy was clearly in a huge amount of pain.

This all happened last Wednesday, its Tuesday today and Paul says that his nipples are still sore!

His demeanor was far less cocky after this. I think he realised the true vulnerability of his position. since the event Paul has said that it was probably about the most painful experience he had had in a situation like this, but he still enjoyed it and loves that fact that he is still sore nearly a week later. Its the birthday gift that just keeps giving!

I still have more to share with you about our experience with Goddess Cleo, where we took Poppy new a new level of humiliation, pain and submission that he had previously never visited, so I shall write more tomorrow.

Since our session with Goddess, our own femdom life has re-ignited in a wonderful way. We are a real couple, we have a business to look after and a young child. We have been together a long time and although we both love this dynamic, the reality is that we can't live it 24/7. Sometimes we are too busy and sometimes we are just exhausted and this side of our life has to get put aside so that we can get on with running the business, working and parenting. but since her visit we have had femdom activities nearly every day. For instance, "Poppy" is my new private pet name for Paul! And there has been lots of teasing and denial and foot worship happening in our house over the last week which is wonderful.

So thank you Goddess Cleo, you are a wonderful woman!

More tomorrow. Your comments, however short are very welcome!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Slap and tickle Goddess style

So to continue with our session with Goddess Cleo. We both enjoyed some foot massage and worship from Paul, or "Poppy" as Goddess Cleo had now renamed him, a name more fitting for his special outfit.

As we were having him run to the kitchen and back to fetch us things and keep our glasses filled, his cock popped out from the front of his outfit. Goddess was not going to allow that at all so she produced a length or rope from her bad and deftly tied it around Poppy's balls. The rope then went around his man-clit, tied tightly around the swollen head. The end of the rope was led up through his lovely dress and attached to the collar around his neck, stopping his clit from flopping around. Again we were in fits of giggles and Poppy just had to stand there and take it, red faced.

Then Goddess tied Poppy's hands behind him with some beautiful rope work as in the previous post. Again we had him worship our bare feet, and being bound like this it made it much harder for him to maneuver around. Consequently he was literally falling about all over the place with his face buried in the carpet at our feet struggling to kiss them.

I suggested that poppy was having far too nice a time of things, and it would be good to give him some pain. So we released his arms and had him on all fours by us at the sofa. We put some rhythmic music on and used the beat to slap  his exposed ass cheeks. Goddess made sure his panties were pulled down around his ankles and his skirt was up for this. Goddess took care of one cheek while I slapped the other.

I suppose that we were slapping his ass at about a rate of two medium hard slaps per second, gradually building up the intensity for about ten or fifteen minutes. Every few minutes Goddess would stop and we would drag our fingernails over his now red ass, very lightly. This made him squirm as we tickled his exposed and hyper sensitive skin. When he wriggled and squirmed Goddess told him to keep still and stop moving. He was moaning by now and she grabbed his hair to lift his head up so I could see his face.

His eyes were glazed over in a way that I had never seen before. If I didn't know better, I would have said he was on drugs. He was clearly in a different place psychologically and Goddess was pleased that she was able to have this effect on him. 

We continued to beat his ass, getting harder and harder as we went and stopping regularly to tickle him. I was surprised to see that the tickling seemed to be harder to take that the by now quite harsh spanking he was getting. When he started moaning Goddess asked him what the noise was about, what he was feeling. He mumbled, his words tumbling out like a confused drunken person, that the tickling was incredibly hard to take and that being slapped was easier to process. we both laughed and carried on spanking and tickling him.

After a while we stopped and allowed him to worship our feet some more. We sent him back and forth to the kitchen to fetch some more snacks and had him wait on us, filling our drinks etc. The music was playing and Goddess then said wouldn't it be fun to have Poppy dance for us. So we told him to stand in front of us and dance to the music and entertain us. He looked mortified and super awkward as he started to gyrate. His "dancing" if you could call it that was typical of a guy at a bad disco. 

Goddess got up and showed him how to move like a women, to shake his chest and move up and down with his legs bent. He did try, as embarrassed as he was to emulate Goddess's dance moves but it was truly pathetic. Even so I thought that he still looked too bold as he stood there, and asked her how he seemed to have a defiant demeanor even though there he was, naked except for a frilly maids outfit, with his cock tied to a rope around his neck trying to dance like a girl in front of both of us with bright red ass cheeks. Goddess pointed out that he was maintaining eye contact and ordered him to keep his eyes on the floor. This did the trick nicely. He didn't look bold anymore. Every last ounce of his dignity had been stripped away. And judging by the roped up erection bobbing through his skirt, he was loving every minute of it.

I shall write more later. In the mean time, as always please visit my website.



Saturday, 20 April 2013

Rope work

Here's a lovely photo of Paul from our session with Goddess Cleo. I have lots to write about but unfortunately I have run out of time today. Lots more to come....

Friday, 19 April 2013

Goddess Cleo comes to stay.

The session with Goddess Cleo went exceptionally well. You may remember that as a special birthday treat I had contacted her and asked her if she would come over to our place for an extended humiliation session with Paul and I.

Goddess arrived at about 1:30 and we picked her up at the station and Paul drove while we sat in the back of the car and chatted. We chose a large and discrete restaurant that was not too busy so that we could chat easily and freely without people overhearing us.

Before Goddess arrived I had taken Paul to a local burlesque shop owned by a very open minded local business woman. I asked her is she had a maids outfit in a large size, suitable for someone, well, of Paul's size for example. She laughed and said that unfortunately she did not have a maids outfit, and the releif on Paul's face was noticable. She did however, have a girly sailors outfit complete with bonnett which looked almost exactly the same and it was only £15! huge humiliation for superb value and the item was mine!

So I was delighted to tell Goddess about Paul's frilly maids/sailor girls outfit and we both were in fits of giggles, with Paul's red cheeks lighting up the restaurant.

Goddess told Paul that the watchword of the day was respect, and that it was ok for him to have fun but he must keep a respectful demeanor toward us both at all times. To be fair to him, he is a pretty respectful kind of guy anyway.

We then went back to our house and showed Goddess around. She liked our house and we had Paul make us some coffee in our large kitchen. 

Goddess told Paul to strip and we opened up his outfit for the day. Paul has never asked me to cross dress him and its not something he really enjoys, and he did look utterly ridiculous! Especially with the bonnet! we were in fits of laughter!

We went through to our living area with Paul bringing our coffee and some nibbles for the table. We had him kneel on the floor while Goddess placed a lovely collar around his neck attached to a long chain lead. 

She extended leg toward him and told him to remove her socks. Paul did so immediately. He is a total foot slut! Once her bare feet were in his hands she said "Well, you know what to do" and he puckered up like the good sissy foot slut that he is and started kissing her bare feet and toes.

Goddess then told him that he should kiss my feet too, and there he was for the next 20 minutes or so, going back and forth on his hands and knees, naked except for his frilly maid/sailor girl costume, kissing our bare feet. It was easy to see how much he loved this as his man clit was making a tent of the front of his frock!

I shall write more of the torments and humiliations that we put him through together, later.

In the mean time I highly recommend Goddess Cleo, she is completely amazing!