Monday, 25 February 2013

Spanked and wanked

So here is another script that I used for my website.  If you would like to hear me read it out to you Then do have a look and listen.

Again this is all based on real interaction between the two of us in our marriage, and co-penned by the two of us. I hope that you enjoy it, and as always, your comments and feedback means a lot to me, so do let me know what you think.

Spanked and wanked.

Ah, pain and pleasure, what a heady mix. 

I just love it, particularly the pain part and of course giving it, to my subby hubby. Although I keep him chaste for weeks on end, as a rule he does get to come once a month. But he gets to come my way and my way only. I have lots of ways that I like to make him come on his special day and this is one of my favourites Because one of my favourite games is called Spanked and Wanked. 

It's such a simple game and yet so very effective. You see with his teasing and denial regime that I subject him to; he is kept constantly desperate for an orgasm and will do virtually anything to get the chance to come. And I just love to hurt, as you know, it makes me so hot and so I devised this little game.

 I make him stand in front of my long bedroom mirror; feet shoulder width apart, naked of course and with his hands on his head. His hands have to remain on his head all the way through this game no matter what or he immediately loses any chance of coming that month. 

So there he is, naked, his cock bobbing about obscenely in front of him, hands on his head facing the mirror and looking shame faced at his reflection. And there I am in my tight leather jeans and white shirt and bare feet. I stand to his side and start by raking my long red painted finger nails up and down his sensitive sides, over his ass and over his cock and his shaved balls. He squirms and fights to keep his hands on his head. I take a firm hold of his cock in one hand and start to give him some lovely slow, deep strokes. With my other hand I gently caress his ass and drag my fingernails over his cheeks. Then as I pump his cock slightly faster with one hand I smack his ass just as hard as I can with the other. Then I stop pumping and just hold his cock at the base and give him six hard slaps on each cheek with the other hand. See, spanked and wanked. 

He squirms as I increase the intensity of the spanking and his body writhes, desperate to keep his hands on his head. Then I stop spanking him for a while and work his cock some more. All the time I am whispering in his ear terrible things, telling him how I own him, how he belongs to me and me alone. Telling him that he will do anything for me, he will lick my boots clean and crawl for me, be my footstool, and that I know just how much he loves it and craves this harsh treatment. Then I will stop again and hold his cock at the base and thrash his backside some more, watching his ass go from milky white to red, to purple and darker. Really I want to see him cry. 

After I have thrashed his ass for a while we go back to wanking him, I make him look at himself in the mirror while I tell him that he is my bitch, my slave and that next time I have my girlfriends over that I am going to make him serve us all as a house boy. I describe to him how I shall tell them that we had a bet and that he lost and the penalty was a couple of hour's slavery for me and the girls. Then I combine the stimulation, spanking him with one hand and wanking him with the other hand, whispering in his ear, describing to him how I will have him naked just with his frilly apron and his chastity belt on, fetching drinks, dancing for our amusement and of course spending lots of time on his hands and knees cleaning my girlfriend's high heeled shoes and feet with his tongue. It doesn't take very long at all before his breathing quickens and I feel his cock in my hand start to swell because he has reached the edge of his orgasm. That's when I stop completely and wait for a moment to watch him squirm in frustration, his cock bobbing wildly in front of him desperate for any kind of contact. 

He struggles to keep his hands on his heading knowing that my threat of denying him completely for another long month is very real. His hands wrap themselves around the back of his head and his elbows come together in front of his face. I let him get away with this and wait until the desperate urge to come has receded slightly. Get his arms back up, bitch, I say, and stand up straight. I walk over to my dresser while he stands there looking at the sorry sight in front of him. I open my drawer and take out the ping pong bat. Some people spend fortunes on corporal punishment equipment, I like to keep it simple yet very effective and a ping pong bat does a terrific job when my hand starts to hurt from thrashing him. I walk back over to him and start again, raking my fingers over his back and ass, delighting in his squirming. With one hand I take hold of his cock at the base and with the other I bring the bat down hard on his ass cheeks, one after another, relentlessly smacking his ass as hard as I can. He desperately tries to keep position with his hands still in contact with his head and now he is crying out, on the verge of tears. After ten hard slaps on each cheek I stop again and start to pump him some more.

 Its not enough for me to work on his physical body and his sex drive, its his mind I'm after as I whisper in his ear how he will be such a good slave to me and my girlfriends while wanking him and slapping his ass with the bat. I feel him starting to get close and so now I will make him beg. Beg me, bitch, I say and he does, sobbing, he pleads and begs with me to come as I make him look in the mirror at himself pleading away. I tell him, come NOW and he does, shooting his thick load all over the mirror, a load which has been building up all month, his body shuddering and his legs giving way as he collapses on the floor at my feet. I walk over to his head as he lies there on the floor, place my bare foot over his face, bend over and looking down at him I say, who's the boss, slave? His pathetic mumbling in to the sole of my foot says “You mistress, you're the boss” Well I have a treat for you, slave, get up on his knees, crawl over here and lick up your mess up from the mirror. And like a good, well trained slave, he does, licking up his mess and looking at himself in the mirror as he does so.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Obedience training.

I do love to be waited on. I like to sit and watch TV and give Paul a long list of chores to do, then summon him to do things that I could easily do myself, like fetch me a drink before dismissing him back to his chores. 

I think I may get a little bell so I can tinkle it when ever I need him.

I am talking with a professional dominatrix based in London whose name is Goddess Cleo. She is going to join me in putting Paul in his place as a birthday treat. 

On her site, one of the activities is "obedience training". Funny how words can have such an effect. When I talk to Paul about obedience training he goes crimson. For me they give me a tingle. I am thinking that I should write about this and make it a recording for my website

Have you experienced obedience training? what did it entail. Or if you are a domme, how do you conduct obedience training?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Femdom Taliban

There seems to be a lot of extremely opinionated people in the femdom world. For instance we used to visit a forum called Informed Consent which had many good things about it. But the boards were full of people arguing and bitching at each other about what BDSM is, what it should be, what it MUST entail, it was very sad to see. Especially as this is a world where you would think that people might be open minded and tolerant of other people.

But it seemed, more often than not that everything had to have a fixed label. You were a bottom, not a sub, or a slave not a bottom. Were you a Top, (do make sure that you use the correct fetish capitalisation!!!) or a Master or a Goddess or a Domme.

Some people were quite fanatical. If you are not constantly in the dungeon, either whipping or being whipped you just weren't doing it right. 

There were vanilla people and us.

Well, for us its just not like that. We have kids, and a business to run. We love each other and like to be affectionate and that affection and gentleness runs both ways.

Sorry if this dissapoints you, but actually we are real, not the stuff that femdom porn is made of.

Having said all that, Paul's nuts are locked in a little cage the vast majority of the time and he spends a great deal of time on his knees at my feet.

But thats our normal.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Forced to cross dress

Here is another of my writings, originally as a script for one of  my website recordings.

Once again this is all based on reality and spiced up just a little to share with the world. For instance I think that the dread that I described that Paul has for cross dressing is laced (pun intended) with a longing to be "forced" to do this.

I hope that you enjoy it.

I know that communication is the most important factor in any relationship, particularly in a marriage and even more so in a Femdomme marriage like ours. It's just so important to talk about your feelings and your likes and dislikes. Its interesting talking with someone though, like my hubby, who has a masochistic streak in their nature. What they like, they kind of don't like, what they hate they love, what they love and hate and its all gets confused and mixed together.

 It's not like that for me of course, as a Domme I know exactly what I want and I simply demand it. That's why I listened very carefully to my subby hubby right at the start of our relationship when he talked about the things, the submissive things, that he likes and where his limits were. One of the things that he told me that he absolutely despises, one of the things that leaves him cold and something that, he said, gives him the creeps about other submissive men is anything around cross dressing. He said that it makes him feel desperately uncomfortable and rather stupid. Which is such a terrible shame, for him. 

Because I remember the very first time that I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. When I first saw that show I absolutely loved it. There was one thing particularly that I loved about that musical though. There was something in there that made my knees tingle and made me hot, and still makes me hot when ever I think about it. I bet there are lots of other women out there that know what I am talking about. It's Dr Frank-N-Furter. When I saw Tim Curry doing his thing, well pardon the pun but frankly it made me breathless and I can tell you why. It's because of the fact that Tim Curry looked so masculine. I know that may seem like a strange thing to say. But for me he does. Somehow, for me anyway, his masculinity is simply accentuated because of the feminine clothes that he is wearing. He looks hot! The Basque, the suspenders and stockings on his powerful legs, his strutting in the high heels. It makes my legs go all funny and I love it. I love the heady mix of the masculine with the feminine, which is such a shame, literally, for hubby. 

Of course I do respect some of his limits and I like to give him choice. Also I believe that subtlety is an incredibly powerful tool. So I like to do things gradually, over the course of a few weeks or months. And I have allowed him to be very much a part of this process by giving him choices. So to get him going on the path, which started many years ago now, I would first get him used to wearing panties under his regular clothes during the day. That's not a lot to ask now, is it? Nice pretty pink and yellow panties with little delicate frills. I mean he doesn't have to, but if he chooses not to he won't be coming that month at all, so of course he will comply. After only around 10 days he started to become desensitised to embarrassment of this and his acute uncomfortable feeling started to subside and because he saw that it made me so happy he started to actually enjoy wearing panties for me. Buying the shoes came as a complete surprise to both of us. We were in a shoe shop in London's Carnaby Street, actually shopping for shoes for me. I love taking him with me when I buy shoes and enjoy making him squat or drop down on one knee in front of me in the shop and check for me that the shoes are not too tight on my feet. Anyhow this time there was a guy in the shop who must have been a drag artist or something like that because he was trying on a pair of women's high heeled shoes with a chunky sole. He was walking up and down the shop as if it were the most natural thing in the world. The funny thing was that no one was really taking any notice of him at all and the assistant was treating him as a completely regular customer. The shop was busy and none of the other customers were taking any special notice of him either. Just normal London behavior for a shoe shop in Carnaby Street! 

 I didn't see anything that I liked and so I asked the assistant if she had the same shoes as the one that the guy was trying on in a large size for my husband. Hubby went very quiet and rather pale. I knew how desperately uncomfortable he was and I insisted that he take of his shoes and socks and put on the high heels and walk up and down just as the other man had done. His paleness as he walked up and down the shop changed as the embarrassment of it all made his face go crimson. In reality no one in the shop seemed to take a bit of notice of him and the assistant treated it as just another sale. They fitted him perfectly and I was delighted. I told him that they were gorgeous and that I would take them. As a little thoughtful touch on my part, I told the assistant that, no, we didn't need the box or a bag and made him carry the shoes around by the heel straps for the rest of the day while we shopped. Isn't it amazing how something so mundane can become erotically charged with just a little imagination? 

Watching him do his chores in his new heels was just so hot. I would have him Hoover the lounge while I relaxed, pretending to read or watch TV. In fact I was transfixed! I could not take my eyes off his calves and thighs and how the high heels made his muscles stand out so as he teetered about with the vacuum cleaner. I kept finding bits that he had missed just so I could watch him move around. I had him bring the ironing board into the living room and iron every garment in my wardrobe for me. Of course he was dressed in his panties and heels with his CB securely on while he slaved away at his chores. It was a delight to watch. Adding stockings and a suspender belt to his look was not very difficult seeing as he was already in high heels and panties. And for his birthday I brought him a beautiful black basque, which was hand made and just stunning. Now I had nearly made his transformation complete. Through teasing and denial I can get hubby to agree to just about anything. 

On one of his mid month evening tease sessions I offered him a deal. If he would cheerfully agree to have his legs waxed and his toenails painted red then I would allow him to come. He was not due to come for another two weeks and if he did not agree, because I like to give him choice, he would not be allowed to come for another six weeks and then that would mean when he did eventually get release it would have been two months of tease and more importantly, denial. Of course, he went for the waxing and he came hard as I teased him about what a wonderful sissy he would make and how pretty his hairless legs and red toenails would look in his pretty black stockings as they poked through in his peep toe high heel shoes. 

 So you see with a little effort and time you can achieve lots of amazing things. I still don't think that he exactly longs for me to demand that he puts on his Frank-n-furter outfit on for me and parade around the room or scrub the kitchen floor with a toothbrush while I thrash his ass with my crop. Still he has come to accept the fact that it is something that I enjoy which he has to do. You see from Trannie-a–phobe to strutting Dr Frank-n-furter in a few simple steps. How delightful. I think that he looks stunning in his outfit.

Monday, 18 February 2013

We both love this photo. I sums up the dynamic in our relationship. Its not always about dungeons, whips and chains. Its a dynamic. This photo expresses that dynamic perfectly. Hope that you like it.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tickle torture

My subby hubby hates being tickled. Unlucky for him because I like watching him squirm around desperately while I mercilessly tickle him, focusing on all of his most sensitive areas of course. I find it ideal as a both a deterrent and as a punishment or torture. It does not have to be just tightly bound rib tickling torture, sometimes I have him sit with me on the sofa with his bare feet on my lap and gently scratch my fingernails up and down his bare soles. He is not allowed to move his body or feet or make any sounds while I do this to him. Great fun watching him grit his teeth...

Its also something I love to do when I tie him to our bed. We have to discretely hidden hooks behind the headboard that the fixings on his leather cuffs clip onto and stretch his arms out to the max. I use rope to tie his ankles (he likes them tied very tight) and then I can sit on the bed, and take my time to drag my fingernails up his sides and over his belly. It does make me laugh, his instant erection and the way his cock bobs about and leaks precum while I do this to him. He squirms and writhes as much as he can, being all tied up but I know that he loves it really. 

I love to play with him this way. I can smell the submissive pheromones pumping out of his skin. I'm serious, he actually smells different, I can smell his submissiveness. 

And yes I do lightly stroke his swollen, straining, desperate-for-a-touch member. But with extremely light fingernail scratches up and down his shaft. Or I might give him a few pumps with one hand while tickling his shaved balls with the other.

He really reacts when I slowly work my way down to the poor vulnerable bare soles of his feet though. He really hates having his feet tickled (I think he enjoys the discomfort actually!) and really squirms and moans when I scratch my nails up and down his soles.

Often I will leave him tied up for an hour or so while I check e mail and go about my business. When I go back to him 45 minutes later, he is usually still erect with a pool of pre-cum on his belly.

Naturally, I wipe this up with my hand, remove his ball gag and feed it to him.

He counts himself very lucky. So he should.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Proper foot worship

This is one of the "stories" I wrote for the now defunct website Informed Consent. It is also the basis, the script if you like, for one of the recordings on my website.

I put stories in inverted comma's because its not exactly a blow-by-blow account of what we enjoy, its a very slightly dramatised version. It is based on the dynamic that we enjoy and Paul does spend a great deal of time on his knees, grovelling at my feet.

Anyway, here's the story it called "Proper foot worship"

One of the nice things about being married is that you have plenty of time to develop your little rituals. For instance I love having my feet properly worshiped, stroked, licked, massaged and pampered. However, I expect more than just a quick peck and slobber over my feet. No no, it has to be done properly. 

 I like to relax in my big leather arm chair for this. He knows that it's probably time for some foot worship when I call him from his chores and tell him to go and get the handcuffs and the baby oil. Once he has fetched them for me I will order him to strip and fold his clothes neatly. Once he is naked I then make him face away from me so that I can cuff his arms behind his back. I will tell him to turn around and face me. He will be bulging away in his cock cage by this time and as his hands are safely tucked away I will get the key to his cock lock and remove it. 

I might, if he is very lucky, put some oil in the palm of my hand and make sure that his balls and cock are not suffering from dry skin, all locked away like that. While he is being “moisturised” he will have an opportunity to tell me just how much he would love to kiss my feet. I will make sure that he really, really wants to do this for me before I allow him to kneel down in front of me. As I moisturise him he will be telling me just how much he would love the honour of worshiping my freshly pedicured toes. When he sounds desperate enough I will tell him to kneel down in front of me. Then, kneeling, bound, his cock rubbing against his belly, all covered in oil, I will ask him one more time, so, you'd like to kiss my feet then? He will be babbling away that yes, he would just love to kiss my toes and feet. Of course to make doubly sure that he is keen I will have him beg. 

Begging, in my opinion, is best done kneeling with his chin on the floor. That way he can look at my toes while he is grovelling and pleading. So with his lips just inches from my toes he will be allowed to beg me for a few minutes while I tease him by saying that he is not begging hard enough, or that he does not sound sincere enough and that if he wants to have any chance of an orgasm this month he had better sound a bit more sincere. To hear him begging my feet to be allowed to kiss them while I rub the top and back of his head with my shoes makes me tingle inside. 

The whole scenario makes me start to get hot. Finally I will give him permission and he will set to work lovingly covering my feet in warm soft kisses. I love to feel his warm soft lips on my arches and his hot breath on the sensitive tops of my feet. I like it when he rubs his face over them, it feels exquisite. I can feel the passion in those kisses, the adoration that he has for me. I can see his breath quicken as his shoulders rise and fall. I can see his engorged cock bobbing between his taught thighs and belly. I can see his pre cum steadily dribbling out of his cock onto the wooden floor boards. Never mind, I will have him lick that up later.

 I will tease him, telling him how lucky he is and how good he is at kissing my feet. I will tell him that, you love this, don't you, and make him agree that he does. Actually the first time that I had him perform proper foot worship on me I don't think he was too keen. Years of practice have helped, plus he knows that if he wants any chance of a monthly release its best to just do as I say… I will tease him by suggesting that I might tell my girlfriends just how cool it is to have you man begging to kiss your feet. This is guaranteed to get him squirming, as I suggest to him that that next time we have a girl's night in I might have him give a demonstration of his wonderfully developed skills… I also like to use a little round stool that we with a red, padded soft seat and prop my feet up on it, ankles crossed. That way he can give the soles of my feet a lovely massage using his chin and nose and tongue. He can lick my soles and then press his face hard into the soles of my feet. It's so delicious to have your feet massaged in this way. It sends tingles through my feet and up my legs and makes me hot. I love it. 

45 minutes of this is not too much, trust me. It's the ideal accompaniment to watching a DVD or reading. Or a great prelude to oral sex, him giving it to me, obviously. I will tell him that if he does a great job he will have an opportunity to beg for an orgasm while I tease his cock. When I have had enough, if there is such a thing, I will have him stand in front of me while I cover his cock and balls in baby oil and start the delicious teasing. Normally he is not allowed to pester me about his orgasm and asking about it at all will only incur a further delay. However when he has been good I will allow him to beg me for release while I tease his cock. After 10 minutes of pleading and begging from him and a fair amount of teasing and laughing from me, I will most often say, No, darling, you have to wait. He knows better than to whine or complain. As soon as his erection has gone down its back in his CB he goes and back to his chores. Or I might have him kneel on all fours in front of me while I use him as a footstool. Now that, in my opinion, is proper foot worship!

Friday, 15 February 2013

My tumblr

I started a Tumblr page. Most of the photo's are my own that we have taken or artwork from Sardax some of which he has created just for us, I am honored to say. I hope that you enjoy it.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Our claim to fame....

We are both honored to know the incredibly talented fetish artist Sardax. He was commissioned by Elise Sutton to create a cover for one of her books and we were thrilled when he asked us to be his models for the work he created. 

He came to our home and drew us individually, with Paul posing on his knees and then with me sitting in a chair while we chatted. Sardax is a perfect gentleman and a wonderful and hugely gifted artist in our opinion.

The work that he created went on the cover of her book and it does look just like us.

Since then she has written another book and we are no longer on the cover of the latest one, but I always fined it a thrill when I see her book with our image on it. I hope you like the picture.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tease and deny

One of My favorite things...tease, deny, tease, deny, tease some more, have him kiss My toes and beg me for release....then deny, followed by a little CBT with the Ralgex and then pop him back into his CB for the rest of the evening while he finishes his chores... Such a delight....

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A submissive's birthday treat

In April its Paul's birthday. I am thinking about hiring a pro domme and having her come round to our house for an afternoon of humiliating fun and degradation, spanking and abuse. I have suggested this to him and watching him squirm while I suggest the types of things we could do together is so much fun.

A good friend of ours runs a club in London called Club Pedestal and there is a house domme there called Goddess Cleo who comes highly recommended because she is so lovely to work with.

So I would love to get your input. If you are a sub and you are reading this, what would you like to happen if you were in Pauls shoes/slave sandals? And if you are a Dominant woman reading this, how would you spend the time if you hired a pro to have some fun with your husband?

While you are thinking about it, please do visit my website.

Monday, 11 February 2013

As I was writing this I just had Paul pull down his trousers and panties so that I could take a picture of him in his custom sprayed pink chastity device. We would love to hear from you if you are a similar couple to us, as its not something that we talk about to anyone really!
Here's a picture of my feet and Pauls old Chastity device. We stopped using this as he used to have a lot of trouble with pinching and keeping it clean was troublesome. We use a metal one these days of a similar design. There are more photo's on my little website