Saturday, 16 February 2013

Proper foot worship

This is one of the "stories" I wrote for the now defunct website Informed Consent. It is also the basis, the script if you like, for one of the recordings on my website.

I put stories in inverted comma's because its not exactly a blow-by-blow account of what we enjoy, its a very slightly dramatised version. It is based on the dynamic that we enjoy and Paul does spend a great deal of time on his knees, grovelling at my feet.

Anyway, here's the story it called "Proper foot worship"

One of the nice things about being married is that you have plenty of time to develop your little rituals. For instance I love having my feet properly worshiped, stroked, licked, massaged and pampered. However, I expect more than just a quick peck and slobber over my feet. No no, it has to be done properly. 

 I like to relax in my big leather arm chair for this. He knows that it's probably time for some foot worship when I call him from his chores and tell him to go and get the handcuffs and the baby oil. Once he has fetched them for me I will order him to strip and fold his clothes neatly. Once he is naked I then make him face away from me so that I can cuff his arms behind his back. I will tell him to turn around and face me. He will be bulging away in his cock cage by this time and as his hands are safely tucked away I will get the key to his cock lock and remove it. 

I might, if he is very lucky, put some oil in the palm of my hand and make sure that his balls and cock are not suffering from dry skin, all locked away like that. While he is being “moisturised” he will have an opportunity to tell me just how much he would love to kiss my feet. I will make sure that he really, really wants to do this for me before I allow him to kneel down in front of me. As I moisturise him he will be telling me just how much he would love the honour of worshiping my freshly pedicured toes. When he sounds desperate enough I will tell him to kneel down in front of me. Then, kneeling, bound, his cock rubbing against his belly, all covered in oil, I will ask him one more time, so, you'd like to kiss my feet then? He will be babbling away that yes, he would just love to kiss my toes and feet. Of course to make doubly sure that he is keen I will have him beg. 

Begging, in my opinion, is best done kneeling with his chin on the floor. That way he can look at my toes while he is grovelling and pleading. So with his lips just inches from my toes he will be allowed to beg me for a few minutes while I tease him by saying that he is not begging hard enough, or that he does not sound sincere enough and that if he wants to have any chance of an orgasm this month he had better sound a bit more sincere. To hear him begging my feet to be allowed to kiss them while I rub the top and back of his head with my shoes makes me tingle inside. 

The whole scenario makes me start to get hot. Finally I will give him permission and he will set to work lovingly covering my feet in warm soft kisses. I love to feel his warm soft lips on my arches and his hot breath on the sensitive tops of my feet. I like it when he rubs his face over them, it feels exquisite. I can feel the passion in those kisses, the adoration that he has for me. I can see his breath quicken as his shoulders rise and fall. I can see his engorged cock bobbing between his taught thighs and belly. I can see his pre cum steadily dribbling out of his cock onto the wooden floor boards. Never mind, I will have him lick that up later.

 I will tease him, telling him how lucky he is and how good he is at kissing my feet. I will tell him that, you love this, don't you, and make him agree that he does. Actually the first time that I had him perform proper foot worship on me I don't think he was too keen. Years of practice have helped, plus he knows that if he wants any chance of a monthly release its best to just do as I say… I will tease him by suggesting that I might tell my girlfriends just how cool it is to have you man begging to kiss your feet. This is guaranteed to get him squirming, as I suggest to him that that next time we have a girl's night in I might have him give a demonstration of his wonderfully developed skills… I also like to use a little round stool that we with a red, padded soft seat and prop my feet up on it, ankles crossed. That way he can give the soles of my feet a lovely massage using his chin and nose and tongue. He can lick my soles and then press his face hard into the soles of my feet. It's so delicious to have your feet massaged in this way. It sends tingles through my feet and up my legs and makes me hot. I love it. 

45 minutes of this is not too much, trust me. It's the ideal accompaniment to watching a DVD or reading. Or a great prelude to oral sex, him giving it to me, obviously. I will tell him that if he does a great job he will have an opportunity to beg for an orgasm while I tease his cock. When I have had enough, if there is such a thing, I will have him stand in front of me while I cover his cock and balls in baby oil and start the delicious teasing. Normally he is not allowed to pester me about his orgasm and asking about it at all will only incur a further delay. However when he has been good I will allow him to beg me for release while I tease his cock. After 10 minutes of pleading and begging from him and a fair amount of teasing and laughing from me, I will most often say, No, darling, you have to wait. He knows better than to whine or complain. As soon as his erection has gone down its back in his CB he goes and back to his chores. Or I might have him kneel on all fours in front of me while I use him as a footstool. Now that, in my opinion, is proper foot worship!


  1. What a lucky submissive Your hubby is :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! He is!

  3. perfect mistress/wife. you know the real value and power of you feet, and he knows his place (underneath then). I envy him.

  4. This one of the hottest things i've ever read. Wow, details dramatized or no, i would love to be in Your husband's, er, "position"!

    Thank You for this. i have You bookmarked now.

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  6. You're a true Goddess Zoe Domme. Your husband/slave is a lucky Lucky man. To have a girlfriend with your atitude, and beautyful feet is my dream. Keep it up Goddess.
    Greetings from Norway:-)

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  8. A proper foot worship (as per description) is mandatory for a good FLR. For my part I have to kiss my Goddess toe nails (each toe) for respect and after that I have to place my face under her nylon cladded feet for dabbing her sweaty spots under her toes with the tip of my tongue. For me it's very humiliating to do this (because her feet have an unpleasant smell) - but this is: Real Femdom!

    1. Your Goddess has welldone! I'm a strong female boss (42) and I'm similar strict with my step son Benny! Although he's 22 in age he have to bow in front of me for respect and he must willingly obey at my commands! When I come home from office he's obliged to give me a proper foot worship including a very intensive toe licking in between (and naturally swallowing my stinky toe jam). Benny's girl friend Audrey (I've choosed for him) treats him in the same way; and when he fails he gets the whip. She's a strict believer in corporal punishment (for boys only!) and I also think so. After being punished Benny has to lick Audrey's feet as a reward for her. Now he's well-brated - I think - and ready for life in a strict Female Led Relationship.

  9. Welldone also, female boss (42)! I'm a young bossy Lady (22) from Austria and I think that all boys should be treated in the way you've described - especially when they are young! A boy has to learn that he's born to serve us - the girls - as soon as possible! Later he will become a well-brated husband and an obedient foot worshipper - and so life works! By the way, my boyfriend (18) is still a very young guy, shy and servile, needless to say when I flick my fingers he's retrieving my slippers and on my command he's forced to lick my feet for respect! Yvonne

  10. As a male student - living as a lodger and household servant with my strict landlady - I agree with Mistress Zoe: demanding for a proper foot worship is very important for a good relationship between superior women and inferior men. Teaching me good old-school manners my landlady keeps a tight reign over me - I have to obey and serve her hand and foot. Cleaning her shoes, giving a good pedicure and foot massage is a normal duty for me - and for respect I have to kiss her nylon cladded toes when I've removed her shoes. Sometimes - when it pleases to her - she also forces me to suck her stockinged toes (especially when they are sweaty) - it's really hard and humiliating to do this but over time I've accepted my submissive role. Meanwhile I got used to serve ladies feet - and when my landlady has invited for a hen party I know very well my place: under the table for doing a very fine foot service for the ladies. By the way: a true gentleman - with best "doggie" manners - has to endure ladies smelly feet quietly and without any question. No backtalk allowed in service!

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