Monday, 11 February 2013

As I was writing this I just had Paul pull down his trousers and panties so that I could take a picture of him in his custom sprayed pink chastity device. We would love to hear from you if you are a similar couple to us, as its not something that we talk about to anyone really!


  1. We are a "similar couple" in certain respects. I am not locked in chastity that often (I am now!). She wants me locked when we are apart (which doesn't happen that often) but expects me to "be good" when we are together. I find I am much more tempted to masturbate when she is not here, so I agree that being locked is for the best. Plus, she likes the feel of my unsatisfied erection poking her as she drifts to sleep.

    I have a CB-6000 and a Birdlock. My wife didn't like the hardness of the polycarbonate, so we went with the Birdlock (which is flexible). I think it's hot that our choice of chastity belts has to do with what is more comfortable for HER. I do in fact like the squishiness of the Birdlock as well, but I find that hygiene is more difficult. I was locked in it for 8 days and the smell was unpleasant. Plus, my attempted erections are more real in the CB-6000.

    I have blogged a few times about my desire to share our kink with her friends. I am not that big on humiliation, but it would really turn me on if one of my wife's girlfriends KNEW why I was such a good husband. lol!

  2. Hi Loves

    Thank you for sharing this.

    There is a picture of the device that we use. We found the CB6000 range uncomfortable and pinching and the Birdlocked seemed desperately uncomfortable, pulling his balls too far away from his body and just could not get used to them for long term use. So we used a metal device that you see in the picture and I had Paul spray it pink, just for my amusement. This is comfortable for him, as much as something like this can be, and easy to keep clean.

    I allow him to take it off at night, although for punishment I have made him keep it on overnight on several occasions. Usually though he only wears it during the day, but pretty much every day. I look at as a reminder of our dynamic. Its slightly uncomfortable for him and we both like that.

    Several of our friends know that we have this dynamic in our lives and one couple who are open minded, but not into femdom know that I keep him in chastity.

    I think chastity works best with lots of teasing and I love to play with Pauls erection, especially in bed at night before we go to sleep. While I'm stroking his poor desperate cock, I ask him what it would be like if I "outed" him to girlfriends that I have, tell him how fascinated they would be to know. It makes him squirm but of course, he loves this!

    Thanks again for sharing

    Zoe x

  3. The weird thing with us is that I think I like the lockups more than she does. The fact that she has the key to my release is very arousing to me. I seem to go against the grain with most men in that sleeping in the device doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I do enjoy the straining of my cock against the cage when I wake. It makes me feel like a man. There is really no risk in me behaving badly during the day when I am at work (I have a good job that I would never jeopardize) and what I like least about chastity is the hygiene. I am kind of a clean freak. The last time we played, and my wife took the device off, it smelled really bad. If we were to engage in chastity more, it might make sense to go metal, although I don't know how my Queen would feel about that pushing against her. She seems pretty fascinated with me being locked via the airport. I am not sure how wise that is, but it could happen....

  4. The cage in the image above is not enforced chastity. He can easily pull his cock out. Promising not to do so makes the device pointless.