Monday, 25 March 2013

Male chastity. When full time means full time.


Following on from our meeting with Goddess Cleo, I have been discussing with Paul the subject of his chastity.  Goddess Cleo wondered why he was allowed to be free of his device at night, when he was home with me.

It got me thinking that perhaps I was being way to easy on Paul. I know how he craves strict treatment from me and enforced rules. On the other hand, he has had some issues with getting a rash from prolonged use of the CB and getting a disturbed nights sleep when he has worn it. If he wakes in the night it can wake me also.

What is your take on this? Should a sub hubby be made to wear it 24/7, no exceptions, or just during waking hours.

Let me know what you think please.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Goddess Cleo

Yesterday was a fun day. I think I mentioned before that its Paul's birthday coming up soon and I had thought of a wonderful treat for him to celebrate. I had been in contact with a beautiful professional dominatrix who goes by the name of Goddess CleoI had been in email contact with her because I wanted to book a session with the both of us giving Paul a thoroughly hard time. Having him grovel at the feet of two gorgeous dominant women was a thought which was great for both of us.

Goddess Cleo and I emailed back and forth and then yesterday we went to meet her at her apartment in London.

As you can see from the photo, she is a very striking looking woman, beautiful, tall and slim. She greeted us at the door and immediately gave me a hug. Goddess is Australian and has that lovely down to earth, Aussie way of making you feel completely at ease.

We stayed at her apartment for about an hour, the three of us, and Goddess Cleo asked Paul about the kind of things that he likes. This alone had him squirming as he had to confess to the both of us how he'd like to get to kiss our bare feet, serve us and be our slave. Goddess asked him lots of questions, things like do you like being tied up, being fucked in the ass, being humiliated and all that good femdom stuff.

I told Goddess that although I like to have Paul suck on my ultra realistic strap on, up until now I had not raped his ass. Its something I had thought about but not tried out yet. Goddess Cleo suggested that this is such a great thing to do as it reduces your man to "bitch" status and is psychologically a very powerful activity. Very empowering for the woman, she said and humiliating on the deepest level, uncomfortable to say the least and embarrassing for him. Very hard to act all "macho" when you you have it in your mind that your wife fucks you in the ass when she feels like it.

We also discussed how he could wait on us, pour our wine, massage our feet, how perhaps we would dress him up and have him do some domestic stuff like clean the toilet while we plotted wicked things to do.

We also agreed, Cleo and I, that having him naked and tied spread eagle to the bed and tormenting him, making him beg, tickling him while having him blindfold with headphones on might be fun.

Paul's eyes were glazed over, he was blushing and squirming during most of this conversation. it was great fun to see. after we left I asked Paul if he enjoyed our meeting, he said it was totally awesome. He is a very happy bunny, yet filled with both excitement and dread looking forward to our session with Goddess Cleo.

I must say Goddess Cleo looked horrified when I told her that Paul gets released from his chastity cage at night. I think she considers it to be essential to keep your submissive in full time chastity and that means 24/7. I shall have to think about this.

We have booked our session with her for late April. We are both extremely excited about this, its really something to look forward to.

If you are looking for a session with a professional dominatrix then Goddess Cleo is the perfect choice. she is also House Mistress at lots of well known fetish clubs in London such as Club Pedestal and hosts her own evenings too. You can check out her website here.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Been away...

Hello all....

We ahave been away and I was unable to post. We are back now and Im delighted to see that my little blog has had a lot of people looking at it! This is great because unless I get comments and feedback, it kind of feels like I'm talking to myself here.

Anyway, do spread the word about this small part of the web, and please visit my website when you get a moment.

Paul has been in chastity, of course as usual and its coming up to three weeks since his last release. He has had some issues with chafing but unfortunately for him, the chastity device is non-negotiable. It stay on, pretty much no matter what. I like it, a lot. I allow him to remove it at night, so I think he is very lucky really. There's plenty of wives out there who make their husbands or boyfriends keep it on 24/7 according to what you read on other peoples websites. Whats your take? We would both love to hear from you regarding this.

Anyway, do leave your comments

Zoe x

Friday, 1 March 2013

I love having my arse kissed. Actually I like it massaged by my husband, with him using his face. I love the feel of it, his hot breath on my cheeks. And I love the symbolism of it. He is an arse kisser and I like to remind him of it. I praise him sometimes, in a sort of teasing way while he is paying homage to my rear by telling him how good he is at kissing arse. Or sometimes I will say to him things like, "Just because you are good at kissing feet and arse, don't let that go to your head. Remember your place." You might think that after years of being spoken to like this he would be used to it, but he still squirms while I smirk at him and his cheeks flush a little red.

This is a picture of me by the way, I hope that you enjoy it. As always, please do visit my website for me.