Friday, 2 May 2014

Reaching out to couples in the UK

We would love to make contact with other people who enjoy this female dominated or female led lifestyle.  So if you are UK based and you are a couple please do message me with some details. We are only looking to make friends and socialise until we know people very well though.

It has been a long while since I posted. The reality seems to be that it is easy not to make the effort to post if you have not done so in a while. It is hard to keep the momentum. Sharing parts of our lives like this and make it interesting to read does take effort.

We also had a little adult phoneline business with some recordings we had made. This had been running for well over 10 years, never made more than a trickle of return and this blog was designed to push people toward that. Unfortunately the trickle dried up and the site is now no longer running. Its another de-motivator for me to keep writing though. Perhaps I should write a book and offer it for sale.

Getting back to meeting others in the UK. We went to a local munch and were surprised and disappointed to see that 95% of the people attending were extremely obese! We both keep ourselves extremely fit, slim and healthy and although we don't expect everyone to be the same body shape as us, nor do we expect to see so many people 3, 4 and 5 stones overweight!  We find healthy, slimmer people who like exercise and eating sensibly more attractive. We are not "body fascist " we just prefer slimmer people, like ourselves, if we are to even consider being intimate.

Your comments, feedback and help are a motivator to keep writing this blog and sharing this intimate side of our lives so please do interact with us.

Bye for now x