Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tickling his balls

Paul has been kept in his chastity device for several days, and one night now. What I really like about these chastity devices is the ring around his balls pushes them out from his body and makes them looked full, tight and squeezed!

I have always preferred men who were not very hairy and so Paul has to shave his cock and balls completely clean, this just adds to the look of them popping out in front of him. And after only a week of chastity, teasing and denial they really do turn a shade of blue! Especially when I do things to deliberately make his cock try to get hard. Then he really does have blue balls. Its fun to see.

I particularly like this because instead of having a big scene, this type of fun can be done anytime when we are both working form home and the kids are away at school. I will call to him and, if I am feeling particularly wicked I will tell him to go and fetch our ultra realistic dildo. 

Some things Paul loves, like footworship, for instance and being my little maid. But the realistic dildo he hates. I, however, love thinking about him sucking cock so I will have him bring it from our stash of toys upstairs, bring it down to me where I am sitting at the computer and stand by my side. Then I will have him open up and pop the huge rubber cock in his mouth and put his hands on his head. I like to see that the cock is as far in his mouth as it will go. Preferably the balls of the rubber cock should be on his face but its so huge they just wobble about in front of his face.

Then I will undo his belt and push his trousers and panties down to his ankles, exposing his locked up cock and tight bluish balls. I tell him that he is to be still, keep his hands on his head, he must not move and he must be quiet. 

Then while I am working at my desk on the computer, I stop every once in a while and drag my fingernails up and down his upper thighs and over his bursting balls. I tickle them super lightly, gently stroking his balls with my fingertips and fingernails and revel in watching him shudder and struggle not to move. When I get a muffled moan from him I say wicked things to him like, if you don't keep quiet I will add another week to your chastity, or I will just say to him, keep still. 

His cock looks so funny as it desperately tries to get hard. The skin of it squishes through the bars and goes a deep dark shade of red and his balls go blue. 

I like this type of scene because it seems to have a massive impact on him, and all I have to do is just run a few fingers lightly over his caged balls.

I might keep him like this for 10 or 15 minutes or I may have him there for an hour. In the end the cock makes him drool! His own cock starts to drool too,  and a steady stream of pre-cum make a mess on the floor in front of him. That's easily fixed though, we just remove the rubber cock from his mouth and have him kneel down and lick it up.

When I'm all done with him, I will send him off to clean the kitchen or get back to his chores, safe in the knowledge that he can't play with his cock.

Tickling can be a very effective tool indeed.

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Strong subs

The idea that submissive men are wimps is completely wrong in my opinion. Of course there are wimpy subs out there, but they are not the ones who attract me. Besides most of the submissive men I have personally met have been very strong in one way or another. Usually they are successful in what they have chosen to do for a career and often they work hard to keep themselves in shape, as does my own subby hubby Paul.

This is a picture of Paul.

He is not especially heavily muscled, yet he is lean and keeps his body fat to a healthy low level, as we all should.

He is the ideal shape, for me. In my opinion there are too many people out there who let themselves go. If you want to attract a dominant (or any other) woman into your life, getting yourself in shape is going to help. 

Unless you find a big beer gut attractive, regular high intensity exercise is the way to go along with a sensible diet that has lots of fish, not too many carbs and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Paul and I stick to this and we are both in great shape because of it. There's no fad with us, we call it the "No crap" diet and we eat like this 95% of the time and 5% we cut loose and eat whatever we like.

Submissive men need to stand out from the crowd if they are going to attract the type of women they want. One easy way to do this is to look in the best state of health, with a nice flat tummy and strong shoulders.

Lazy men turn me off, completely.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Add me to your blog Roll 

Yes, these are my feet and yes, this is one of Paul's chastity devices. Sometimes I would have him on the floor, hands handcuffed behind his back and worship my feet while I held his device there. I would think of it and a kind of behavioural conditioning technique. He is a total foot slut and loves worshiping my feet and having the CB there for him while he is engaging in this activity makes a nice link in his mind between the two things.After doing this with him for just a while he will associate chastity, something he generally hates in practice, to foot-worship which is something that he craves.

By the way, please do add me to your blog roll. I like the idea that femdom relationships are becoming more popular and growing in numbers. The more people who add my blog to their roll, the more the word will spread. Your help is essential.

We are considering hiring Goddess Cleo again. We had such an awesome time with her last time that we booked another session with her for November, but I think we will be having a session with her before then.

I have been insisting that Paul wears his chastity cage all day every day after a little break from it recently. It is causing him some difficulty but I absolutely believe and know that it is absolutely essential to keep him wearing it. It helps keeps his behaviour so nice and docile, submissive and obedient. I'm going to have to start making him get used to wearing it through the night too. I will do that gradually, one night at a time.

Our lives are not one long constant fetish session. Having to wear a chastity device though is a nice constant reminder for Paul and I find the idea of having him locked up like this very empowering indeed.

He also gives such lovely long foot massage and worship sessions when he has been locked, teased and denied for a week or so. I can notice the passion and eagerness to please in his demeanor!

My book is coming on nicely, but it is labour intensive. I will keep you up to date on how that is going.

For you men out there, how many of you are in chastity?

Friday, 3 May 2013

Outing Paul

Something we both enjoy is when I "out" Paul. Tonight we had some friends come to our house for dinner. Like us, they are self employed business people who run a shop near where we live that sells Burlesque outfits and paraphernalia. 

They are unshockable and cater to people with alternative taste and even though this is the first time we have asked them over for dinner, I delighted in telling them about our wonderful time with Goddess Cleo and how the femdom dynamic fits into our regular life. The wife of the couple, lets call her Gail for discretion's sake, found the conversation fascinating and told us about men who have come to her shop and asked her for a cross dressing service privately. She said that she had charge one of them £50 for three hours to cross dress and clean her house and do gardening while she bossed them about. I was saying that my Paul would be delighted to pop over, as long as Gail was super strict with him!  We were all in stitches. I guess its an English thing. That and the fact that the alcohol had been flowing freely.

It was a warm night and Gail had her shoes off and I noticed Paul doing his best not to stare at her feet. He is such a foot slut!

By the way, just to let you know that my book is coming on nicely. Would you like a snippet? A juicy one from the "How to do chastity, tease and denial " section? I have spent a long time writing my book and I want it to be sexy, hot, informative and helpful to other couples. Let me know if you would like a sneak peak.

Zoe xx