Monday, 22 April 2013

Slap and tickle Goddess style

So to continue with our session with Goddess Cleo. We both enjoyed some foot massage and worship from Paul, or "Poppy" as Goddess Cleo had now renamed him, a name more fitting for his special outfit.

As we were having him run to the kitchen and back to fetch us things and keep our glasses filled, his cock popped out from the front of his outfit. Goddess was not going to allow that at all so she produced a length or rope from her bad and deftly tied it around Poppy's balls. The rope then went around his man-clit, tied tightly around the swollen head. The end of the rope was led up through his lovely dress and attached to the collar around his neck, stopping his clit from flopping around. Again we were in fits of giggles and Poppy just had to stand there and take it, red faced.

Then Goddess tied Poppy's hands behind him with some beautiful rope work as in the previous post. Again we had him worship our bare feet, and being bound like this it made it much harder for him to maneuver around. Consequently he was literally falling about all over the place with his face buried in the carpet at our feet struggling to kiss them.

I suggested that poppy was having far too nice a time of things, and it would be good to give him some pain. So we released his arms and had him on all fours by us at the sofa. We put some rhythmic music on and used the beat to slap  his exposed ass cheeks. Goddess made sure his panties were pulled down around his ankles and his skirt was up for this. Goddess took care of one cheek while I slapped the other.

I suppose that we were slapping his ass at about a rate of two medium hard slaps per second, gradually building up the intensity for about ten or fifteen minutes. Every few minutes Goddess would stop and we would drag our fingernails over his now red ass, very lightly. This made him squirm as we tickled his exposed and hyper sensitive skin. When he wriggled and squirmed Goddess told him to keep still and stop moving. He was moaning by now and she grabbed his hair to lift his head up so I could see his face.

His eyes were glazed over in a way that I had never seen before. If I didn't know better, I would have said he was on drugs. He was clearly in a different place psychologically and Goddess was pleased that she was able to have this effect on him. 

We continued to beat his ass, getting harder and harder as we went and stopping regularly to tickle him. I was surprised to see that the tickling seemed to be harder to take that the by now quite harsh spanking he was getting. When he started moaning Goddess asked him what the noise was about, what he was feeling. He mumbled, his words tumbling out like a confused drunken person, that the tickling was incredibly hard to take and that being slapped was easier to process. we both laughed and carried on spanking and tickling him.

After a while we stopped and allowed him to worship our feet some more. We sent him back and forth to the kitchen to fetch some more snacks and had him wait on us, filling our drinks etc. The music was playing and Goddess then said wouldn't it be fun to have Poppy dance for us. So we told him to stand in front of us and dance to the music and entertain us. He looked mortified and super awkward as he started to gyrate. His "dancing" if you could call it that was typical of a guy at a bad disco. 

Goddess got up and showed him how to move like a women, to shake his chest and move up and down with his legs bent. He did try, as embarrassed as he was to emulate Goddess's dance moves but it was truly pathetic. Even so I thought that he still looked too bold as he stood there, and asked her how he seemed to have a defiant demeanor even though there he was, naked except for a frilly maids outfit, with his cock tied to a rope around his neck trying to dance like a girl in front of both of us with bright red ass cheeks. Goddess pointed out that he was maintaining eye contact and ordered him to keep his eyes on the floor. This did the trick nicely. He didn't look bold anymore. Every last ounce of his dignity had been stripped away. And judging by the roped up erection bobbing through his skirt, he was loving every minute of it.

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