Friday, 19 April 2013

Goddess Cleo comes to stay.

The session with Goddess Cleo went exceptionally well. You may remember that as a special birthday treat I had contacted her and asked her if she would come over to our place for an extended humiliation session with Paul and I.

Goddess arrived at about 1:30 and we picked her up at the station and Paul drove while we sat in the back of the car and chatted. We chose a large and discrete restaurant that was not too busy so that we could chat easily and freely without people overhearing us.

Before Goddess arrived I had taken Paul to a local burlesque shop owned by a very open minded local business woman. I asked her is she had a maids outfit in a large size, suitable for someone, well, of Paul's size for example. She laughed and said that unfortunately she did not have a maids outfit, and the releif on Paul's face was noticable. She did however, have a girly sailors outfit complete with bonnett which looked almost exactly the same and it was only £15! huge humiliation for superb value and the item was mine!

So I was delighted to tell Goddess about Paul's frilly maids/sailor girls outfit and we both were in fits of giggles, with Paul's red cheeks lighting up the restaurant.

Goddess told Paul that the watchword of the day was respect, and that it was ok for him to have fun but he must keep a respectful demeanor toward us both at all times. To be fair to him, he is a pretty respectful kind of guy anyway.

We then went back to our house and showed Goddess around. She liked our house and we had Paul make us some coffee in our large kitchen. 

Goddess told Paul to strip and we opened up his outfit for the day. Paul has never asked me to cross dress him and its not something he really enjoys, and he did look utterly ridiculous! Especially with the bonnet! we were in fits of laughter!

We went through to our living area with Paul bringing our coffee and some nibbles for the table. We had him kneel on the floor while Goddess placed a lovely collar around his neck attached to a long chain lead. 

She extended leg toward him and told him to remove her socks. Paul did so immediately. He is a total foot slut! Once her bare feet were in his hands she said "Well, you know what to do" and he puckered up like the good sissy foot slut that he is and started kissing her bare feet and toes.

Goddess then told him that he should kiss my feet too, and there he was for the next 20 minutes or so, going back and forth on his hands and knees, naked except for his frilly maid/sailor girl costume, kissing our bare feet. It was easy to see how much he loved this as his man clit was making a tent of the front of his frock!

I shall write more of the torments and humiliations that we put him through together, later.

In the mean time I highly recommend Goddess Cleo, she is completely amazing!

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