Thursday, 25 April 2013

Poppy gets fucked....

After Poppy's nipple torture and humiliating dancing session we had him once again clear the table and get some snacks. We had run out of wine and so we said to Poppy to go to the shop and buy a couple of bottles of nice wine for us. 

We decided that it would be fun, but far too horrifying for the general public to see him dressed as he was, but at the same time he should keep his clothes, including his collar on. So we had him put a pair of sport trousers on and a New York hoody on over his lovely frock. The collar was visible but you couldn't that he was wearing a sailors dress underneath, although if you looked closely you would have seen his skirts bunching up under his clothes.

When he returned we had him strip off again and pour us more drinks and get some dips for us. 

We had him once again at our feet while we decided what to do with him next.

Goddess and I whispered together and then had him crawl to the other side of the room where our leather footstool was. We had him bend over this, with his ass in the air. Goddess once again pulled his panties down to his ankles, just to maximise the humiliation for him and raised up his skirt. For the next ten minutes or so, we gave him his second hard bare hand spanking, with one of us on each cheek. Again we both stopped to tickle his exposed skin every once in a while and he was wriggling so much he nearly fell off the footstool. Especially when we scratched his bare feet with our fingernails. Goddess also had two electric toothbrushes which we had fun with, poking him with them and dragging them up and down his most sensitive areas. He was leaking extensively by this point...

Once his ass was nicely red again, Goddess Cleo got out her cane.

She started to apply the cane quite gently at first. Even at this fairly light level Paul was starting to squirm and when she upped the intensity you could see he was struggling to take it. She then gave him a few proper hard whacks with the cane, enough to leave clear marks on his bare ass. She said that she wanted to leave at least a few marks as a souvenir for him. She was exactly right because days later he was still looking in the mirror, with pride and fond memories, at the cane marks on his ass.   

After the beating Goddess used a scarf to blindfold him, and got out her strap-on. it was a fairly small strap on because she knew that he had not experienced anything like this before. she put on some gloves, got some lube, lubed up his red exposed ass and started to finger his man-hole. Poppy squirmed!

She then put a condom on over her dildo and proceeded to fuck Poppy for the next few minutes, slapping his ass and saying to him how much he loved it, and calling him a bitch.

She fucked him very hard, and stopped to ask him how he felt. again, Poppy was in such deep sub-space that the mumblings that came out of his mouth were completely unintelligible. His semi hard cock told the whole story though. He loved it.

After Goddess had finished fucking Poppy in the ass, we had him lay at our feet and she used his face as a foot rest while I played with his cock with my feet.

In all it was a terrific evening. We both enjoyed the experience of having Goddess Cleo stay with us for the day and evening so much that we booked another session for November within the next few days. We are trying to work out how we can hire her services before then for a day!

That's pretty much the whole story of our evening!

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  1. What a wonderful time it sounds like you all had. Thank you for taking the time to post, I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Hi SK

    I'm glad that you enjoyed it and thanks, as always for your comments. x