Tuesday, 23 April 2013

More pain for Poppy

So Paul, now renamed Poppy, had had a fairly easy time of things, in my opinion so far. He had enjoyed lots of foot worship which I know he loves, had a hard spanking which he had also clearly enjoyed and really the only thing that wasn't going his way was being dressed up in silly shame clothing and forced to dance. He hates cross dressing and has told me it does nothing for him. Although I'm not sure what woman would actually wear what he was wearing, which is why it was more shame clothing than actual cross dressing. I thought he looked quite cute!

So I asked Goddess Cleo if we could up Poppy's pain levels and she was very happy to get out the Japanese clover clamps. He had Poppy shuffle forward on his knees and applied one clamp to his right nipple while I applied the one on the left.

Poppy gritted his teeth and sucked in some air and his head went back. It was just for a moment though, then he seemed reasonably comfortable with them. Until Goddess grabbed hold of the chain and dragged him to the floor with it, forcing his head to her feet. That made him cry out in pain. But it was nothing compared to what was to come.

We left the clamps on for about 20 minutes while Poppy once again ran errands for us, clearing the table and pouring wine and giving us foot massages while we chatted. Then it was time to take the clamps off.

Goddess Cleo carefully removed the right one, then the left. Having them removed was clearly a painful experience. Paul is not really what you would call a pain slut as such and I knew that this was way beyond the pain levels that he was used to or comfortable with. Then Goddess had him kneeling, facing her and she started to squeeze his now swollen right nipple with her thumb and forefinger. Poppy absolutely howled! Then she told him to keep still and had him look her in the eye. She extended her forefinger and jabbed it hard, right into his chest, directly on the swollen nipple.  

Poppy threw his head back and absolutely howled. It was obviously complete agony for him! But Goddess was having none of it and made him hold the position and keep still. she asked him if he were ready to have similar treatment to the other nipple. He nodded and she squeezed the other nipple hard but did not jab it like the first one. Again, Poppy was clearly in a huge amount of pain.

This all happened last Wednesday, its Tuesday today and Paul says that his nipples are still sore!

His demeanor was far less cocky after this. I think he realised the true vulnerability of his position. since the event Paul has said that it was probably about the most painful experience he had had in a situation like this, but he still enjoyed it and loves that fact that he is still sore nearly a week later. Its the birthday gift that just keeps giving!

I still have more to share with you about our experience with Goddess Cleo, where we took Poppy new a new level of humiliation, pain and submission that he had previously never visited, so I shall write more tomorrow.

Since our session with Goddess, our own femdom life has re-ignited in a wonderful way. We are a real couple, we have a business to look after and a young child. We have been together a long time and although we both love this dynamic, the reality is that we can't live it 24/7. Sometimes we are too busy and sometimes we are just exhausted and this side of our life has to get put aside so that we can get on with running the business, working and parenting. but since her visit we have had femdom activities nearly every day. For instance, "Poppy" is my new private pet name for Paul! And there has been lots of teasing and denial and foot worship happening in our house over the last week which is wonderful.

So thank you Goddess Cleo, you are a wonderful woman!

More tomorrow. Your comments, however short are very welcome!


  1. What a wonderful series of posts Miss Zoe! It's great to see you back posting, and to hear about you all having such an amazing time. It's my own birthday on Friday, though sadly I don't think it will be quite as good as Poppy's!

    I have been made to dance in a very similar way at a fetish party, in front of a crown of Ladies, and it is very humiliating, lucky poppy : )

    At one stage I almost had to dance the can can dressed in frilly petticoats.....on video!

    Happy birthday to Poppy, he is very fortunate to have such a wonderful woman in his life.