Friday, 3 May 2013

Outing Paul

Something we both enjoy is when I "out" Paul. Tonight we had some friends come to our house for dinner. Like us, they are self employed business people who run a shop near where we live that sells Burlesque outfits and paraphernalia. 

They are unshockable and cater to people with alternative taste and even though this is the first time we have asked them over for dinner, I delighted in telling them about our wonderful time with Goddess Cleo and how the femdom dynamic fits into our regular life. The wife of the couple, lets call her Gail for discretion's sake, found the conversation fascinating and told us about men who have come to her shop and asked her for a cross dressing service privately. She said that she had charge one of them £50 for three hours to cross dress and clean her house and do gardening while she bossed them about. I was saying that my Paul would be delighted to pop over, as long as Gail was super strict with him!  We were all in stitches. I guess its an English thing. That and the fact that the alcohol had been flowing freely.

It was a warm night and Gail had her shoes off and I noticed Paul doing his best not to stare at her feet. He is such a foot slut!

By the way, just to let you know that my book is coming on nicely. Would you like a snippet? A juicy one from the "How to do chastity, tease and denial " section? I have spent a long time writing my book and I want it to be sexy, hot, informative and helpful to other couples. Let me know if you would like a sneak peak.

Zoe xx


  1. I am being strict here but as my book will not be anywhere near ready to be published for at east a couple of months, I will not give a preview unless I see, hmmmmm, lets say five polite comments, begging me nicely to show you a section. That's five comments from five different people. If not you will just have to wait. So feel free to recommend my blog to others if you would like to see a snippet. xx

  2. What a lovely story about outing Paul! That must have been delicious.

    I'd love to read a snippet of your forthcoming book if possible. I've already decided that I will definitely buy it, but it's hard to be patient!


  3. Hello Ma'am and paul,

    If it pleases you Madame would you please allow me the privilege of having an early look into your book. I believe chastity and denial are extremely important tools and lessons, and I would enjoy learning more.

    With a respectful curtsy, pantmaid

  4. Well, go and get your friends to add a few more comments and I will...

  5. I just discovered you blog and it is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I would love to read some of your new book too!

  6. Miss Zoe,

    I am a new follower of yours and I can't get enough of your tales of you and your very lucky husband. My girlfriend is also very interested in your work and it would be fantastic to get a little snippet from your book. Hopefully one more person can leave a comment. Hope all is well!

  7. Wow!

    What an amazingly open blog. My wife has no interest in and Domme role in our relationship so it's lovely to read of a couple that embrace it so fully!