Saturday, 5 July 2014

My perspective

Hello everyone. Im Paul, Zoe's slut/slave/husband.

Not sure what to say really. Everything that has been written in this blog is true, although reading it sounds like we are having one huge femdom session, morning till night. Its not really like that. What is written here are a stream of highlights of activities that happen over a period of time.

Having said that there is a constant undercurrent of a femdom or Female led, relationship. This is expressed in lots of ways. The main way that I am aware that I live as a submissive husband is chastity. Zoe believes, and I do too, that enforced chastity and tease and denial are at the heart of a femdom marriage. I am not allowed to orgasm, to masturbate or even to be come fully erect without Zoe's full permission. This is enforced with the use of a metal chastity device which I put on in the mornings and have to wear all day until last thing at night. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

I train hard twice a week at a local boxing club. Boxing has been a part of my life for many years and the intensity of the training makes wearing a chastity device virtually impossible. Im skipping, constantly jumping around and I suppose in theory it would be possible to wear one but its hugely impractical. I get extremely hot training too and I think it would encourage irritation of my skin, something I have had issues with over the years.

I do not wear it at night most of the time unless I am away from home or Goddess wants to punish me or torment me. Again, in real life, 24/7 wear for me can result in rather nasty skin issues that take a while to recover and so we are careful to avoid this. The rest of the time though, during the day, every day, I am locked up.

Chastity and tease and denial seem to go together for us. Goddess will take every opportunity to remove the device and make me hard, while reminding me that she has control over my cock, my orgasms and when and how I am allowed to come. We have sex about three times a week and I get to have an orgasm about twice a month.

I am responsible for all the housework, cleaning etc and during the day (we work from home) I am at her disposal. I spend a lot of time cleaning, ironing and hoovering naked except for my CB and some panties. 

This is just scratching the surface of our relationship and if you have specific questions I am happy to answer them.

I hope this is interesting. As Zoe has said before, we are always happy to hear from people in a similar position to us so do comment or drop us a line.




  1. Funny... I did post a comment, but it's not there. Oh well... I love your blog!

  2. Here is the comment that I wanted to make but that somehow did not make it on the board here:

    You orgasm ofent! Once every two weeks, that's a lot! :)

    I am a man and though I fuck my wife and even masturbate, I often do not come often for two-months at a time, sometimes three. Oh, not because my wife denies me, but because I prefer NOT to come. I think I don't like orgasms -- they are not for the male anyway. Women? No problems there: they should have as many as they want and can take.

    Love your blog!

  3. Absolutely, chastity and tease and denial are the foundations of our relationship too.
    All our games and romance seems to stem from me teasing the hell out of him.
    And let's face it, it's fun. Why shouldn't grown ups have playtime!

    My blog seems like we are constantly playing femdom games too. Same as you guys I guess, our one session a week can look a lot more when that's all we put on the blog.

    Aloe some sessions can last for days ;)

  4. I love hearing your perspective on this. It was very thoughtful of Zoe to allow it! Tell us more about how you incorporate foot worship into your daily lives or how Zoe usually teases you with her feet.

  5. What an incredibly wonderful perspective Paul. Thank you for sharing. I'll tell you that although I am in constant chastity and have given ownership of my sex, my orgasm and any part of my body that might otherwise be sued for sex to my Mistress Wife, I am not required to wear a chastity cage. We own, and on occasion I am required to be in it, but it is now mostly used by Mistress K. for punishment, mostly because of the pain that comes from nocturnal erections. The form of chastity we practice has everything to do with my willingness and ability to follow her rule of no touching my cock without permission. Mistress will sometimes test my resolve by requiring me to get hard at a moments notice, knowing full well that it would take some coaxing if I were to cheat and masturbate. Besides, the pain that would follow (both physically on my red ass and emotionally in my mind from her being disappointed in me) just simply isn't worth it.

    Like you, I agree that frequent tease and denial (with edge play) is the cornerstone of a successful FLM. I have evolved to the point now where I would frankly prefer to be milked of my semen than to have a true full orgasm, and then have to deal with the subsequent post-orgasm hangover that ensues immediately thereafter.

    Keep up the good work!

    Like you, I am required to be naked at all times in the presence of Mistress (assuming there are no kids) as a default.

  6. I completely agree! No femdom relationship is complete with out chastity and denial. What kind of cage are you using? I have been using a metal cage lately, but I am curious what others are using.

    To keep things entertaining I created a numbered list of the most humiliating and demeaning tasks, and I use a random number generator to choose an activity. I love watching the agony and excitement play across his face when he sees the number!

    Enjoy your blog tremendously!
    Ada Worthington
    Check out my newest erotica novel:

  7. hi zoe

    i have sent a message to your fetlife profile

  8. where did you go. love your site. Pam

    1. Sorry Pam. Been off the blogging radar. We replied to your e mail in Fetlife


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